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Sinister Minister's Thoughts XV



Wrestling News Raw, 14/April/2014 -- Wrestling Rumors

WCW Greed The Final PPV!


Wrestling News Opinions, 13/April/2014 -- Wrestling Rumors

The King's Corner: Battle Cry Edition


Join King Of Death Kenny Osborn in a episode of The King's Corner

Wrestling News Opinions, 12/April/2014 -- Wrestling Rumors

Thoon or later? Do I know that Superstar?


We've all done it, watched a 'debut' and thought to ourselves,

Wrestling News Opinions, 10/April/2014 -- Wrestling Rumors

Sinister Minister's Thoughts XVIV

Pay per View


Wrestling News Pay per View, 7/April/2014 -- Wrestling Rumors

Then and Now 7 - Top 5 nearly men


My first list, everyone loves a good list

Wrestling News Opinions, 7/April/2014 -- Wrestling Rumors

Thoon or later? Randy Orton's career leading up to Wrestlemania XXX

Pay per View

Take a look at WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton's illustrious career highlights leading up to his big defense at Wrestlemania XXX

Wrestling News Pay per View, 6/April/2014 -- Wrestling Rumors

Wrestling News