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Ray's Review: Hell in a Cell

Pay per View

A review of the Hell in a Cell PPV

Wrestling News Pay per View, 30/October/2014 -- Wrestling Rumors

Missy's Minute

Pay per View

WWE Hell in a Cell 2014

Wrestling News Pay per View, 29/October/2014 -- Wrestling Rumors

Ghosts Review( Week 1)


Welcome to Ghosts Review, where The Ghost will review on WWE or TNA Legends, Superstars, Rookies, Hall of Famers, or Wrestlers who are/are notgetting a push

Wrestling News Opinions, 28/October/2014 -- Wrestling Rumors

Big D's Big Mouth: They Got it Right in the Cell


Was the ending to the HiaC PPV forced? Yes, but that definitely doesn't make it a bad thing.

Wrestling News Opinions, 27/October/2014 -- Wrestling Rumors

Big D's Big Mouth: Do or Die for the Dudleyz


The WWE may be bringing the Dudleyz back. This time, however, they can't make a mistake with their returning talent.

Wrestling News Opinions, 20/October/2014 -- Wrestling Rumors

Big D's Big Mouth: No More Hell


Special Match-named pay-per-view events really need to become a thing of the past in WWE.

Wrestling News Opinions, 13/October/2014 -- Wrestling Rumors

Ninjah's Asylum-Gotham


Top Ten WWE Used Music of All Time

Wrestling News Opinions, 7/October/2014 -- Wrestling Rumors

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