News Regarding the Planned GFW-TNA Invasion Angle

Some of the TNA talents that have recently been released are actually going to be “transferred” as part of an invasion angle. It’s expected that any TNA talent who is now in Global Force Wrestling, James Storm in particular, would return to TNA television sometime soon. Other transfer may take place.   Original:

Update on Dolph Ziggler’s WWE Status

Dolph Ziggler appeared on today’s installment of The Chad Dukes Versus The World radio show and revealed that he has not re-signed with WWE. Here’s a quote from Ziggler from his appearance: “I’m thinking about it right now. I had a request for an upcoming contract that would end a few months from now, maybe… Read More »

Mickie James Calls Out Paige and Charlotte

Mickie James appeared on The Roman Show this week and called out a couple of WWE Divas. Here’s what the former WWE Diva said: “Paige. I am going to take her out now. If you don’t see her it’s not my fault. The girls have been killing it in NXT. Kudos to the girls of… Read More »

John Cena Nominated for a Award

[Warning: This is EXTREMELY Long!!!] WWE sent out the following: John Cena Nominated for the Sports Humanitarian of the Year Award Inaugural event presented by ESPN and PlayStation to salute those using the power of sport to serve community; finalists and Stuart Scott ENSPIRE award winners announced The inaugural Sports Humanitarian of the Year Awards,… Read More »

HBK Turns Down WrestleMania 32 Role

Shawn Michaels revealed during the “An Even with Shawn Michaels” event in Manchester, United Kingdom this past Monday that he was offered a major role at WrestleMania 32. Michaels said he turned down the role because he simply feels like there is nothing left for him to do. Michaels explained that while there is plenty… Read More »

Shoot Talk: Reviewing NXT

Hello, I’m Daniel Goodnight and you are reading my article. I am gonna be reviewing NXT’s last week episode. Why last week? A. Because I don’t have the link to the latest one. B. Because it’s a big episode. Joe VS Owens! What can be bigger? A dream match come true. So now that we… Read More »

Lawsuit Filed Against WWE

The family of the late Matt Osbourne, the original “Doink the Clown”, filed a lawsuit in Dallas, Texas against WWE, alleging that brain injuries and other issues suffered while working for the company led to Osbourne’s death of June 2013. The lawsuit, filed on behalf of Osbourne’s children, alleges that “traumatic brain injuries” resulted in… Read More »

Dolph Ziggler Re-Signs with WWE

Dolph Ziggler has reportedly re-signed with WWE. While he has been vocal about receiving a push in company, he has chosen to stay with the WWE. There’s no timetable of him re-signing with WWE, but it had to be recent.   Original:

Big Show Mocks Turning Babyface & Heel

On the latest installment of “Talk is Jericho”, The Big Show talked about his WWE career, his size and what he thinks about his character. He also commented on if his character right now is a babyface or a heel: “I’ve done so much flip floppin’ s*it that I’m still dizzy. I wake up and… Read More »

WWE’s Creative Team Becoming Frustrated

– It was reported in the latest installment of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter that one WWE writing has frustration with the WWE’s creative department about how the company is constantly booking itself into corners and rarely give almost anyone consistent wins or positive momentum that they need to have upward mobility. – WWE has reportedly… Read More »