Bill Goldberg Vows to Wrestle Again But Not for WWE

Fox Sports published an article featuring quotes from former WCW & WWE Superstar Bill Goldberg. One of the items mention from the former World Heavyweight Champion was that he plans on wrestling again, just not for WWE. “I’m going to make an appearance in professional wrestling, but it won’t be for the WWE,” Goldberg said… Read More »

ROH Wrestler on People Being Offended by New Day

On the Jobbing Out podcast, Ring of Honor star Cedric Alexander recently appeared and had the following to say about WWE’s The New Day group: “This opens up a whole different can of worms here, because everyone I know watching WWE is offended by The New Day, extremely offended because of the whole racial thing. It’s like,… Read More »

WWE Releases 4 Development Wrestlers

WWE released 5 developmental talents this week – Brian Reid (Tony Briggs), C Denzel Freeman, Dustin Mueller, Laszlo Vandracsek and Leyvonna Zakari. Freeman, an amateur wrestler from the University of the Cumberlands, began training at the WWE Performance Center late last year. He never competed in a match before a live crowd. Briggs, a 6-foot-2,… Read More »

Shoot Talk: CM Punk

  I would like to dedicate this article and all future articles to a close friend of mine I met on this game. His name was Kouji Tanaka. He passed in 2014. I couldn’t have done this without you. R.I.P. Hello. I’m Daniel Goodnight and you are reading my article. I am new at this so bare with me. I am gonna talk about… Read More »

TNA Still Behind On Payments For Production Staff

Issues of late pay are still being reported within TNA.   The workers in April had only just received their pay packets for the tour of the UK which took place in January. With some being ‘$1000′ short. However, production staff learnt that talent was being payed while they were still behind on pay. Not a… Read More »

Triple H To Walk Out With Floyd Mayweather For His Fight V Manny Pacquiao

  WWE’s Chief Operating Officer announced via Twitter Floyd Mayweather has asked him to walk him out to his big fight in a weeks time.   The Game is obviously routing for Floyd then!   To view the tweet follow the link below.     – Pm Helm   Source:

Cm Punk Joning Ufc A “Big Mistake”?

According to Michael Misping the former 4 time WWE world champion joining UFC is a ‘big mistake’ He said as follows: “I respect anybody that has the cahonies to step inside an Octagon but if you’re coming from a professional wrestling background like he is, y’know, this isn’t ‘story time’ with mum and dad, this… Read More »

Filthdows Feedback 13

  Hello Everyone and welcome to this week’s edition of Filthdow’s Feedback. I have been thinking of trying out something new, and am going to see how it goes. This week will be the first of a series of articles about Wrestling Families. I think it would be cool to talk about them and go… Read More »