BREAKING NEWS: Roddy Piper dead at 61 just posted the following: Roddy Piper Dead — Dies at 61 Wrestling legend “Rowdy” Roddy Piper has died at the age of 61 .. TMZ Sports has learned. Piper — born Roderick George Toombs — passed away from natural causes at a home in Hollywood. Piper was a wrestling icon — one of the… Read More »

Hulk Hogan reacts to Roddy Piper’s death

Hulk Hogan issued the following comments to regarding the death of Roddy Piper: “I will forever miss him.” “He was my best friend. He is a legend.” “God’s gain is our loss. May his family in this time of need, find peace. Much love forever, HH.”

WWE’s Statement on Roddy Piper Passing

WWE issued the following statement regarding the sudden death of WWE Hall of Famer Roddy Piper: WWE is deeply saddened that Roderick Toombs, aka “Rowdy” Roddy Piper — WWE Hall of Famer and Intercontinental Champion — passed away today at the age of 61. WWE extends its sincerest condolences to Toombs’ family, friends and fans.… Read More »

Ric Flair comments on Roddy Piper’s death

Ric Flair issued the following comments to regarding the death of Roddy Piper: “We’ve shared the ring, traveled the world, maintained a friendship throughout the ups and downs of the wrestling world, and battled to see who was the better heel. It’s almost impossible to express my grief. My condolences to his children and… Read More »

The Rock comments on Roddy Piper’s death

The Rock posted the following statement on his Instagram account: “RIP legend. I first met this wrestling icon when I was 12yrs old when he was wrestling my pops the WWE. For weeks and weeks after that meeting I would have my mom set up a video camera in the kitchen as I would “become”… Read More »

Missy’s Minute – The Undertaker

Missy’s Minute is back after a brief necessary absence, for a variety of boring everyday reasons, so let’s jump straight into this newest episode. My question for this episode of Missy’s Minute is this… ‘Is it time to put the Undertaker out to pasture?” Since The Undertaker made his reappearance at Battleground, attacking Brock Lesnar… Read More »

The Rogers Report – July 30, 2015

Welcome to this week’s edition of The Rogers Report! As always, I am the Patriot Adam Rogers and this is the article where a lifelong fan talks about wrestling. This week’s edition of the Rogers Report starts now!   STATE OF THE UNION As always, this is the segment where I offer my opinions on… Read More »

Diamond’s Diary – Entry 1

Hello and welcome to Diamond’s Diary. Today I will be reviewing TNA’s 26/07/2015 episode (I watch Sunday’s as I am from the UK). This post will contain spoilers from the episode so read at your own will. The show started with Dixie Carter coming out and talking about the new inductee to the TNA Hall… Read More »

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The Ombra Inheritance

OMBRA INHERITANCE GREETINGS! I am The Ombra and I have been a wrestling fan for most of my life. I started watching WWF in the late 90’s and have watched it.. “progress..” into what it is now.. in 2015. Firstly I’d just like to make it clear that the views and opinions expressed in this… Read More »