Diamond’s Diary – Entry 1

Hello and welcome to Diamond’s Diary. Today I will be reviewing TNA’s 26/07/2015 episode (I watch Sunday’s as I am from the UK). This post will contain spoilers from the episode so read at your own will. The show started with Dixie Carter coming out and talking about the new inductee to the TNA Hall… Read More »

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The Ombra Inheritance

OMBRA INHERITANCE GREETINGS! I am The Ombra and I have been a wrestling fan for most of my life. I started watching WWF in the late 90’s and have watched it.. “progress..” into what it is now.. in 2015. Firstly I’d just like to make it clear that the views and opinions expressed in this… Read More »

WWE Loses 50 Million Dollars Thanks To Hulk Hogan

WWE lost $50 million on the stock market on Friday following the Hulk Hogan racist comments being released to the public stemming from a leaked sex tape, according to Forbes. Shares of WWE plummeted almost 4%, to $16.60. Before to the incident, WWE’s shares increased 14%, making shareholders $160 million.   Original: http://nodq.com/wwe/439845419.shtml

Scott Steiner Has Words For Hulk Hogan

Scott Steiner took to Twitter this weekend to verbally assault on Hulk Hogan: Hogan n Donald Sterling need to play Russian roulette with all the bullets in the chambers — Big Poppa Pump (@ScottSteiner) July 25, 2015 …it's 2015 the world's a better place without their racism n ignorance — Big Poppa Pump (@ScottSteiner) July… Read More »

Update on SummerSlam Being 4 Hours Long

Luca Franchini, who does WWE announcing for Sky Italia in Italy, mentioned on Facebook that he was informed by WWE that SummerSlam will be 4 hours long and to prepare to make room for the extra hour. Franchini also noted that SummerSlam will start at 7PM ET, which means the Kickoff Pre-show will start at… Read More »

WWE Responds to McMahon Calling Cena the N Word

Following the controversy over Hulk Hogan’s racist comments, video from Survivor Series 2005 where Vince McMahon called John Cena the N word in a backstage skit has surfaced around various websites. According to TMZ.com, “Hulk is outraged Vince is acting so self-righteous, condemning him for spontaneously using the epithet in private when the wrestling boss… Read More »

The Terminator to Be Playable Character In 2K16

It was announced on Monday Morning (27th July 2015) that The Terminator will be a playable character in the WWE 2k16 game. Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger who played the Terminator in the movies is a WWE Hall of Famer.   Source: http://nodq.com/wwe/440017287.shtml