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By | 12 August 2008

Below is a small preview of how the Story Mode in TNA: Impact works. I should warn you that it will spoil a bit of the original story. If you don't like to know about the story, skip the "creating your character"-part of this article, and head straight to "some side comments".


Creating your character
You start of as Suicide (unless you choose to start with one of your previously created characters), and Suicide is one of the most amazing things to ever happen to wrestling. You are getting a title shot, however LAX wants you to take a dive, and do the job. Suicide however refuses to and wins the title. After the match LAX beats Suicide down.


Suicide wakes up in a back alley in Mexico, and can't remember who he is anymore. Mexico, as we all know, is filled with pro bono plastic surgeons that do such an amazing job they can alter the entire appearance of your superstar (Vince Russo himself could not have come up with this storyline). This is the "create-a-wrestler"-part of Story Mode, you can completely change the looks of Suicide and give him all his moves and his introduction. One minor point here is that you can't preview the moves you choose or the introduction, you'll have to wait for your first match to know exactly what you chose.


You can't remember a thing, but you just feel that you should be wrestling, so you wrestle some smaller matches in Mexico. Later on you'll be noticed by a TNA-guy and he offers you a "Foot-in-the-door"-match. If you win, you come to the TNA tryouts. There you will get guidance from Kevin Nash, and he gives you an ultra-strong tag team partner, Eric Young. It seems like you'll be having many frustrating tag matches with Eric as your partner before Kevin Nash once again pops up and talks about the future of your tag team. IGN notes that the Eric Young part of the story mode is perhaps dragged on for too long, so future gamers be warned of a rather boring start of your career. However, once that part is over, the story is interesting to follow.


Some side comments/complaints
IGN comments that the story is very linear. Seeing how you're not a TNA superstar, every storyline can be fixed with a given number of TNA superstars, not like in SvR, where the story changes protagonists if you play with The Undertaker for example. Also, it seems you cannot make a single choice in your storyline, you can't communicate with superstars or anything. You just sit there, watch the cutscenes and play the matches the game gives you. Also, if you lose a match in story mode, you'll have to replay it until you win it. There's no branching the storylines.


You can choose which fighting style you are at the start of the game, but it seems to be a choice that has very little impact. Every fighting style has the exact same moves. Everyone has both the Mexican headscissors and the Death Valley Driver. Also, the moveset seems rather limited. For example, you can only choose from 27 finishers. Normally, superstars can choose up to 7 grapples, but in game superstars only have 4 grapples. How come? Different combinations often make your superstar do the same move, this is to add realism, so that you will not see superstars do moves in the game they'll never do in real life.


You can't really alter your superstars weight, height, gender,… You have to make a model that closely ressembles Suicide, the original superstar you get in the game.


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0 thoughts on “– Spoiler – TNA Impact: Story Mode preview

  1. Dante'The Devil'

    Aww very disappointing. I ws rooting for TNA to come up with something better =[

  2. Jane Ross

    I’ll still give them a “well done” for putting together a game to challenge the WWE with, but it all looks a bit too limited so far. Might be a good starting-point for a sequel, let’s say. If svr08 was coming out around the same time as this TNA game, then I might get the TNA one. But svr09 looks a lot better so I think my money will most likely go on svr09. If that kind of thinking crushes their sales figures, then I hope that doesn’t put them off doing a follow-up. The svr series has had about, what, 12 games to get it right? So I hope the impact series has a fair chance too. Doesn’t sound like they’ve produced a miracle first game though. I was alright with the limited roster… tenuous on no female caws (although at least it’s not insulting like the wwe games can be)… but not many moves to choose out of? That’s gotta be the killer blow for me, sorry.

  3. thekillah

    who really is suicide? like is he a real wrestler or something?

  4. Jake "The Hater" Hammer

    Well sounds rather boring but in my day of when wretslign games were fun their was only one storyline. War Zones random grudge matches but few match types and one prymid nobody complained. Wrestlemania for super NES had mortal kombat type you face this guy then these two then 3 on 1 matches. grr I ahte handicap matches. ECW ANarchy rules used different weapon swings plus added blood later ripped off by Attitude. The four grapple system came out for No mercy and smackdown orginal game plus no your role added females. WCW backstage Assult and WCW Maythem had linear move tables. Less characters so the linear move table was taken out for better graphics. WCW Nitro you couldn’t even create a character so yea guys wrestlign games have evolved but not TNA is taken you all back to the dark ages of wrestling games. I feel those day your in ring knowledge had to be different no selecting th biggest moves. You actually have to think about how to fight your oppent. So maybe this game will help you with your here comes the paina nd SvR skills. To em this game is a reminder of the golden age of wrestling game. War Zone move list limited to the set moves and you still rocked.

  5. vinny

    does anyone noe how to get steph and vince mcmahon in svr07???????


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