A WWE Sex Scandal?

By | 13 May 2010

According to the author Irv Muchnick, his WWE sources say that WWE's Executive Vice President and General Counsel Jared Bartie was suspended from the company for sexual harassment.


The story apparently occurred during the WrestleMania 26 weekend in March.


The author's sources state that Bartie had been drinking during the festivities in Phoenix and inappropriately hit on a woman executive in WWE's sales department. The same woman who accused Bartie of sexual harassment was fired from WWE a few weeks later after being seen performing a sex act on another WWE employee on WWE's premises during business hours.


An email sent by Irv to WWE were ignored. 


A statement by WWE rejects Irv's story:


"Jared Bartie was not terminated by WWE. Jared Bartie and WWE have parted ways amicably. James Langham is acting general counsel for WWE." 


Source: ewrestlingnews.com 



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