Bobby Lashley Quitting Wrestling

By | 29 December 2009

In an interview which one can read on, Bobby Lashley spoke about his passion of professional wrestling and mixed martial art (MMA). In the interview, Lashley noted that he signed to Strikeforce and that he was given a debut match on the 30th of January after his long hard training.

"Professional wrestlers are the biggest MMA fans out there," said Lashley. "When they saw that I signed [with Strikeforce], a lot of them were like, ‘Man, we’re going to lose Bobby [Lashley].’ That’s the first thing they thought, because they know my dedication to fighting."

Lashley is trying to keep fighting MMA and professional wrestling but he realizes that schedule clashes may occur and the hard effort this produces.

"At the time when I was taking that break and I was just wrestling, everyone thought that I’d be able to do both [wrestling and MMA]," he said. "We don’t know if that’s going to happen. Immediately when the press release came out that I was with Strikeforce, I got a call from all the wrestlers, they wished me good luck. And anything they can do to help out, they’re there for it."

It is improbable that Lashley quits MMA considering that he has just been given a debut match and that he himself admits that: "To be quite honest with you, the best fighter in the world right now is at heavyweight and he is with Strikeforce. So why not come here, if you want to consider yourself the best fighter in the world."




0 thoughts on “Bobby Lashley Quitting Wrestling

  1. Mortal Van Dam

    When logging from s1 and s3 i see an article, not visible when you press comment on this one – dunno whats happening.

  2. Mortal Van Dam

    for some reason i can only see it from s1 :S ill report this, its some bug

  3. Anonymous

    …so they’ll be pitting Lashley against “Mr. I’m-No.1-But-I-Don’t-Want-To-Join-UFC”?

  4. Badderman

    #6, Fedor doesn’t want to join the UFC because he doesn’t just want to be commited to the UFC he wants to be able to fight in the Sambo championships aswell as other Martial Art’s tournaments.

    They won’t Pit Lashley against Fedor if their smart, Fedor would rip him to pieces. Lashley has looked very poor in his first 3-4 Fights, if he makes the same mistakes he has done against someone like Fedor he’ll get punished Big time.

  5. Anonymous

    Mortal Van Dam!…. Not enough of this article is in ur words! Its plagerism

  6. The General

    Doesn’t it say that he’s not necessarily quitting wrestling? He’s trying to balance them both. Title should maybe have a ? at the end…

  7. OH NOOOOOooooos!

    All their trying to do is get Lashley an MMA belt so then they can hand him an wrestling belt. They believe that it will make them better in their battle against WWE. I’m not sure why their doing this, but I can’t blame Lashley for going with it. If their dumb enough to give you all that money for the lack of talent and let your skull get caved in, then more power to him.

  8. AudeSapere

    Fedor would armbar King Kong in the second round, given the opportunity. Lashley wouldn’t stand a chance.

  9. Jason Las Vegas

    Re: Badderman

    That USED to be the reason Fedor wouldn’t go to the UFC, but during the last contract negotiations Dana White and the UFC said he could fight in all the Sambo championships he wanted to.

    The reason negotiations fell apart is because his crazy-ass management demanded to be co-promoters and full partners on every UFC show Fedor would fight on, which is entirely ridiculous and horrible business for the UFC.

    If they agreed to those terms, they would literally be allowing a competing entity to build their brand off the UFC’s success, besides giving them a gigantic chunk of money every show, more than the purses of every other fight on the card.


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