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The Element of Summer- News #1

Hello everyone! Elemental King here bringing you some of the latest news to hit the market, read below to see what happened! On a Tuesday night taping of “Smackdown” a new feud has arisen in the WWE. This new feud involves two incredibly talented superstars that have just recently come up to the main event… Read More »

The Rogers Report – July 9, 2015

Welcome one and all to The Rogers Report! My name is “Patriot” Adam Rogers (some call me PAR or Patriot) and this is the article where a lifelong wrestling fan/historian talks about wrestling. Simple as that. I hope you enjoy reading my opinions, and I invite you to chime in the comments about any questions,… Read More »

WWE Keeping Sami Zayn In NXT

Original plans called for Sami Zayn to start working on the main WWE roster full time following his match with Kevin Owens at NXT Takeover: Unstoppable, however those plans changed after he suffered an injury in his match on RAW against John Cena. WWE made the decision to keep Zayn down in NXT and to… Read More »

WWE NXT Takeover: Unstoppable Results

Welcome to coverage of the latest NXT special on the WWE Network. This month’s special is NXT Takeover: Unstoppable. In addition to following the live coverage, make sure to check out Mike Johnson’s blog of the show. We start off with comments from many different wrestlers and fans about what NXT means to them. We… Read More »

Lethal Injection; NXT Report 8/17/10

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to Lethal Injection. Tonight is double elimination night on NXT! With 5 remaining, who will be the men going home?   Let’s show the world what we got   Jamie Keys introduces the NXT rookies one at a time to take up the first few minutes. Matt Striker gives them one… Read More »

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Lethal Injection; NXT Report 8/10/10

This is the NXT report! It’s elimination night, and my r button isn’t working >.<, so if things ae missing r’s and I don’t catch it… just know it could be worse. Anyway, on with the show.   What an a-Cole  So we start the show with Michael Cole losing a knock-out punch game against… Read More »

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Lethal Injection; NXT Report for 8/2/10

This is Laz Langston, and this is the NXT report. We are down to 6 people and the tension is high! After last week’s show-ending brawl, who knows what’s to come! The music starts and so do we!  And then there were 6….  So as the rookies come out and we find out next week… Read More »

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Lethal Injection: NXT Report 07/27/10

This is Lethal Injection, and tonight is the 2nd Rookie Elimination for NXT Season 2!   Any last words?   Matt striker starts us out by welcoming the rookies out. Reminding us that tonight, someone will be eliminated, and his dreams crushed (unless you’re on season 1). They start off with a one-minute talk.  … Read More »

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Lethal Injection: NXT Report 20/07/2010

This is Lethal Injection, and this is the NXT report.   Even I can do it….   We start off with Matt Striker running tonight’s challenge, the obstacle course, and he runs a time of 41.7 seconds. Not bad for a simi-retired wrestler.   VIP Lounge   MVP starts off the real show with a… Read More »

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