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Shoot Talk: Best promo men in (somewhat) recent years

Hello, I’m Daniel Goodnight and you are reading my article. I am gonna be talking about the best promo men from recent times now. What is a promo? A promo is when a wrestler speaks and address the crowd with his intentions being to elicit a response from the crowd and hype something up.. usually. But you knew that.. you’re on… Read More »

Skullcrushing Talks-Top 5 Submission Moves

Hey guys, I’m back this week to bring you another of Skull Crushers Top 5! This week we are mainly focusing on not the wrestlers, but on the submission move that is painful if tried when not in the Squared-Ring. 5. Cross Arm Breaker- As we all know this consists of either grabbing the opponents… Read More »

Why has done on you wish Robux on which Roblox Hack

Are you going after some form of Roblox Hack cheats made for taking advantage of the very video game only to unlocking your body’s premium really works? in certain Roblox video game is also generally hard for anybody. While you initiate in certain Roblox games, you turn into step in creative men for which retrieve… Read More »

The Bouncing Articles: PWI’s List (2015)

The Bouncing Articles By: The Bouncer   Why don’t my opening paragraphs ever get indented? Who knows? Not important. This article won’t be about that. Instead, I am going to talk about PWI’s top 10 wrestlers of 2015 (and some of 2014). How much credibility does this list have? Absolutely none. John Cena has been… Read More »

SkullCrushing Talks-Top 5 Rivalries in WWE

Welcome to Skullcrushing Talks, today we are going to do a talk about top 5 Rivalries in WWE History, according to my opinion and some sources! Well Let us begin. Rivalry 5: Undertaker versus Kane: This rivalry literally brought an entire new meaning to the phrase: Sibling Rivalry. The rivalry began when Paul Bearer, Undertakers… Read More »