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King Barrett Returns on Tonight’s Episode of RAW

King Barrett made his WWE television return on tonight’s episode of RAW. Upon his return he took out Neville and Stardust. As noted earlier today, Barrett recently completed filming for an upcoming WWE Studios film in the UK and he was expected to return at anytime.   Original:

WWE RAW Results – 9/28/15

We are live for Monday Night Raw! We see the return of the Demon Kane from last week, and also the return of Corporate Kane. Kane is still the Director Of Operations and the United States Championship rematch between John Cena and Seth Rollins. Cena of course won the match, but by the end of… Read More »

Aster’s Analysis 5/23/15

Hey there folks. Time for some more of my analysis this week. A second event for this month, what an interesting Springtime it has been thus far. This week we can talk about several possibilities, mainly who the new Intercontinental Champion will be. So let’s get to it. Firstly, Let us give some opinions on… Read More »

Aster’s Analysis 5/15/15

Hello again folks, I thought I would wait this week and publish this just before the pay per view in order to think about the storylines and give my predictions in more detail. So lets say we go ahead and get started. Lets start off with the Ryback and Bray Wyatt matchup. Personally I think… Read More »

Aster’s Analysis 5/8/15

  Welcome everyone, another week of my in depth analysis of storylines and potential one’s as well. This week on RAW was pretty much expected after the events of the last week, with the exception of now having all three former SHIELD members in a main event for the next PPV. But we will get… Read More »

Aster’s Analysis 4/30/15

  Hey folks, I am back. Time for some more of my in depth analysis about storylines and poential future goings on in the WWE. Been a rather busy week for me so far… but how could I not make some time for all of you guys. So here we go. First off, I am… Read More »

Aster’s Analysis 4/22/15

  Sorry about the lateness this week everyone… I had some real life stuff to take care of over the last couple of days. I won’t cover a great deal this week because of the pay per view upcoming… we will get to see what breaks down during and after. This weeks analysis will cover… Read More »

Aster’s Analysis 4/14/15

  How about it folks? Another week of my analysis of the WWE and the things that are going on or not going on. I will say this, RAW was one hundred times better than the show last week. I don’t know what the difference was, but last night was a much better show. Lets… Read More »

Aster’s Analysis 4/7/15

  Hello there folks, time for some more of Aster’s Analysis. Not a huge amount of stuff to talk about this week, I think we will start with the retirement of AJ Lee and then move down the series of events that happened on RAW… or should I say lack thereof? Before we get onto… Read More »