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May 24th – The Fist Lays The Smackdown

Ladies. Gentlemen. Other entities that lack gender, this is where I do something horrible so you don’t have to. I watch…   THE FIST LAYS THE SMACKDOWN May 24th 2013   Hey! Extreme Rules happened, right? Apparently Triple H is having a hard time being a hundred years old and wrestling. Woo? Also, GO SHIELD!… Read More »

May 17th 2012 : The Fist Lays The Smackdown

Welcome ladies and potential dudes, it’s another nightmare scenario as I watch so you don’t have to…   THE FIST LAYS THE SMACKDOWN! May 17th 2013 Edition   We open tonight show with Miz TV, with the guests being Randy Orton and Big Show. The three men look at each other as Miz tells us… Read More »

May 10th 2012 : The Fist Lays The Smackdown

Ladies and Gentlemen (or whatever you call denizens of the internet…) I am Madam Snapshot and I bring you the very most important piece of crap that WWE is forcing me to watch! It’s…   THE FIST LAYS THE SMACKDOWN MAY 10th 2013   We start tonight’s show with Chris Jericho’s Highlight Reel. His guest… Read More »

April 26th : The Fist Lays The Smackdown

Ladies and Gentlemen, rogues and ruffians, children and chumps, and a bunch of other platitudes, I am Madam Snapshot. This is…   THE FIST LAYS THE SMACKDOWN APRIL 26th 2013   Wow, it starts out immediately with a match? Ok, let’s get started.   MATCH #1 JACK SWAGGER (w/Zeb Coulter) Vs. ALBERTO DEL RIO (w/Ricardo… Read More »

Drew McIntyre – The Forgotten One

Andrew Galloway, a professional wrestler currently working for WWE. He started his training for professional wrestling at the age of 15.      He started off in British Championship Wrestling, winning the Heavyweight championship twice. He faced legends there such as The Honky Tonky Man, Marty Jannetty, D’lo Brown and more. After gaining reputation and admiration… Read More »

April 19th : The Fist Lays The Smackdown

Ladies and Gentlemen, this abomination is    THE FIST LAYS THE SMACKDOWN!  APRIL 19th 2013     Will this episode be as terrible as the others as they show up the drama of Monday’s Raw? Del Rio got a boo boo? Sheamus and Orton got a two on one match against Big Show (which seems… Read More »

April 5th – The Fist Lays The Smackdown

Ladies and Gentlemen, on this, the FINAL Smackdown before Wrestlemania, I have incredibly low hopes for us! I’m Madam Snapshot, and this is…   THE FIST LAYS THE SMACKDOWN APRIL 5th 2013   Ryback apparently hungry or something… Dude should seriously watch his intake of fatty foods, because he’s gonna have a heart attack someday… Read More »

Mar 22 : The Fist Lays The Smackdown

Welcome to me watching WWE’s Smackdown from the comfort of my home, as they are live in Cincinnati-oh. Or Ohio. Whatever. Not many people care much about geography anyway. I watch this stuff so you don’t have to! You’re welcome! With that nonsense out of the way, let’s get started, shall we? THE FIST LAYS… Read More »

The Shield! Orton! Sheamus! and Show!

The Shield continues to dominate the WWE landscape, and it’s unknown who is going to be able to stand up to them. Last week, The NXT Trio interrupted Sheamus and The Big Show’s match to lay the beat down upon “The Great White.” Randy Orton would come to make the save, but three-on-two was still… Read More »

The Fist Lays The Smackdown – August 24th 2012 Edition

Ladies and Gentlemen, after a week long hiatus. The Fist brings you…   The Fist Lays The Smackdown!   Randy Orton makes his appearance on the scene. He fought Del Rio on Raw(You can read about that on Ragnarok’s Raw Recap) and some crying about his win over him (SPOILER!) was tainted. Apparently the internet doesn’t… Read More »