Former WWF wrestler dies

By | 4 April 2012

Former WWF wrestler Joseph “Chief Jay Strongbow” Scarpa on the 3rd of April, aged 83.


Various people in the wrestling industry have expressed their condolences at the passing away of Chief Jay:


Jim Ross: Sad to hear of the passing this morning of WWE HOF’er Chief Jay Strongbow, a beloved member of WWE family. RIP Chief.

Roddy Piper: LOVED YOU CHIEF JAY STRONGBOW. My best to the family!

Jeff Jarrett: R I P Chief Jay Strongbow…

Matt Hardy: Saddened to hear about the passing of Chief Jay Strongbow. Chief was a major factor in helping Jeff & I get our break at WWE. RIP Chief..

Paul Bearer: So sorry to heart of the passing of Chief Jay Strongbow. A true legend and friend for so many years. Sympathies to his wonderful family. 



Reported by Mortal Van Dam 



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  1. Sonam

    Laurinaitis and his Mr. Excitement schtick is by far the best part of the show right now, along with Otunga and the treavl mug. His delivery is so terrible it’s terrific. I know that’s really how he talks and that it’s not a different delivery than it’s been since he’s been on television, but just having that monotone and staccato speech part of Mr. Excitement’s gimmick is fantastic to me. They realized he would always suck on television, but just by him giving himself that nickname all the suck has turned to awesome.


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