Gail Kim Married?

By | 9 April 2011

Rumors have recently speculated that WWE Diva Gail Kim is now married to a popular chef that appears on many Food Network programs. That chef is Robert Irvine who is the same person who sat by Gail Kim at the 2011 WWE Hall of Fame. Kim commented on the matter on her twitter page with the following:

"Why is every1 saying I'm married? Lol! P.s. I don't talk about my personal life…thanks for the kindness and respect."



Reported by: "True Thug" Thompson 



0 thoughts on “Gail Kim Married?

  1. El Valo

    Sunny revealed she was engaged, not married by the way. But if Gail wants to keep her personal life hidden, it should be respected.

  2. Hghhh

    We should all really respect all wwe personal lifes


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