John Cena Chops Red Sox Pitcher

By | 20 October 2008

John Cena was out with some of his buddies on the Boston Red Sox over the weekend, and some of them were curious to know what a "knife edge chop" feels like.  Cena was happy to let them know, and Red Sox pitcher Tim Wakefield found out personally thanks to Cena.  As JR said in his blog, "why anyone would even think of withstanding a "chop" from the freakishly strong Cena is beyond me even if Jack Daniels was allegedly looking on."




0 thoughts on “John Cena Chops Red Sox Pitcher

  1. The Philadelphia Phighter

    Jack Daniels is a type of beer.

    Would this chop be the reason the Rays are in the World Series against MY Phillies?

  2. Jane Ross

    No matter who it is doing it, a story about a backhand chop against a curious non-wrestler always makes me smile. 🙂


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