Nude Photos of TNA Star Surface Online

By | 8 November 2009

It is being reported that several pictures of TNA Star James Storm  in the nude has surfaced online the past few days.


These pictures are rumored to be  a few years old and off a social networking site. There is no word on how Storm/TNA has reacted.





0 thoughts on “Nude Photos of TNA Star Surface Online

  1. shocking_stuff

    @ real lone wolf: he is a TNA Wrestler, tags with Robert Roode as Beer Money. He is a multi time TNA Tag Champ.

    I agree, G-Money. I thought Val, or one of the beautiful people, Taylor Wilde… But what?

  2. Hacksaw Jim Thuggin

    sweet we finally got nude pics of james. im in for a show

  3. Storm fan

    Finally. It’s about time one of the guys got their kit off and personally Storm would be my fave choice. Sadly the pics are not really revealing at all. 🙁


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