Official WWE NXT Roster

By | 18 February 2010

The following pairings for the WWE NXT show were announced on the final ECW on SyFy show.

* Chris Jericho will be mentoring Wade Barrett
* Matt Hardy will be mentoring Justin Gabriel
* MVP will be mentoring Skip Sheffield
* Carlito will be mentoring Michael Tarver
* The Miz will be mentoring Daniel Bryan
* Christian will be mentoring Heath Slater
* CM Punk will be mentoring Darren Young
* R-Truth will be mentoring David Otunga

As previously reported, the show will feature teams of eight (4 rookies and 4 coaches per team) and be split by who are the heels and who are the faces. The show will run on until there is one winner who will make it onto one of the main shows. The following teams are…

* Matt Hardy
* Justin Gabriel
* Skip Sheffield
* Christian
* Heath Slater
* R-Truth
* David Otunga

* Chris Jericho
* Wade Barrett
* Carlito
* Michael Tarver
* The Miz
* Daniel Bryan
* CM Punk
* Darren Young




0 thoughts on “Official WWE NXT Roster

  1. Shocking_Stuff

    Can we keep the Miz away from Bryan Danielson (Daniel Bryan), please?

  2. Anonymous

    R-truth … MENTOR!!!!!!! NOOOOOOO!!!!

    R-truth should be a champ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    LOL but idk I’d like to see him as champion but at least he isn’t jobbing..

  3. Scott Fury

    If anything, Daniel Bryan (such an original name) will be mentoring The Miz

  4. Defense

    The Miz is the most improved superstar in the entire WWE lockeroom, hes come from a botchy looking flabby reality t.v star to a great in ring performer people hate him because he’s supposed to be hated. He’s an amazing heel and a great in ring performer…he is…..AWESOME

  5. Chronic Jay

    @ Comment #7: If you think the WWE sucks, then why in the hell are you reading an article about it? If you don’t like, don’t watch, simple as that.

  6. Anonymous

    @Comment #9, if you don’t like #7’s comment, then why in the hell are you responding to it? If you don’t like, don’t respond, simple as that.

  7. reptillian

    I am just wondering if CM Punk will “save” Darren Young. Just to keep with his current story line. I think Young will look funny as hell with his head shaved but who knows.

  8. barbed wire

    Honestly you have to laugh, I mean people with the experience of Loki and Brian Danielson being cast as ROOKIES? WTF? Danielson has been in the buisness 10 years (or around that time) and Loki has been around for 4 or 5. Rookies my arse! What a waste of their talents. Personally if I was a wrestler with that experience behind me and they said we want to put you into development, I’d tell them to go to hell. I couldn’t see that happening at TNA, I mean look at what they did for experienced stars like Nigel McGuiness and Doug Williams!

  9. Shocking_Stuff

    Hey, I didn’t say the Miz was crap or anything. I just think that for you to mentor someone you should have been doing it longer, or better. Having the Miz mentor Danielson is like having a learner driver teaching a newly licenced driver. It’s silly. They have it aroud the wrong way. Think about it.

  10. Dhjee

    Comment 13: Low-Ki as bee around for way more than 4-5 years. He was there when TNA debuted, and he was wrestling before that.


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