Shoot Talk: Best promo men in (somewhat) recent years

By | 13 September 2015

Hello, I’m Daniel Goodnight and you are reading my article. I am gonna be talking about the best promo men from recent times now. What is a promo? A promo is when a wrestler speaks and address the crowd with his intentions being to elicit a response from the crowd and hype something up.. usually. But you knew that.. you’re on the internet. So that means you’re “smart”. Got it? Ah?

OK. So this list will not include all time promo greats. It will include great mic workers from times ranging from 2010 to 2014.

OK! Let’s get started.

Number 5: Dolph Ziggler.

Dolph Ziggler was a great mic worker. Ever since I started noticing him he has been cutting great promos. One of the best in his time. He is a good wrestler too. Wait.. why are saying he WAS a great mic worker? Well, it’s because ever since mid-2014 his mic work started going downhill. He stopped giving us memorable promos. Or real good ones. He is cutting mediocre promos up until now. And his angle with Rusev and Lana isn’t helping.. but he has been great in the last few years and that’s the reason he is here.

Number 4: Bray Wyatt.

Back when he debuted, he was a breathe of fresh air. So new and exciting. Great promos that were new and never seen before. Real stuff to think about. He even got recognition from mainstream sites and blogs. I was stoked to hear him talk until Cena ruined his momentum. After that it felt like all he does mumble and ramble without reason. But recently in 2015 and with the return of the Wyatt Family, his promo work seems exciting again. He is an obvious choice for this list. I hope he keeps bringing us more exciting promos for a long time.

Number 3: Dean Ambrose.

Dean Ambrose is the total package. He can wrestle, talk and has a good luck. His character is not bad. And he makes it work. His promos can be lackluster sometimes. But most times he talks, I get behind him. He is great at what he does. He was even rowdier in the indies where he could get loose. He deserves the number 3 spot. Him reuniting with Reigns is interesting and is a good feud where all men shine. Wyatts lost too much though. But regardless, all men involved shine in that feud. Next one.

Number 2: Chris Jericho.

I’m not talking about boring 2012 face Jericho. I am talking about the fantastic “Suit Jericho”. MAN, that was a good gimmick and character. I think all the promos he cut back then were entertaining and good. He also had a good run as champ with this gimmick. Which is well deserved (except for how he stole Punk’s title.. that SUCKED). Jericho as a whole is a great promo dude. Even if he sucked since 2012 (on promos. His wrestling is still good). He deserves a spot here and on the all time list.

And now…




One of the greatest mic skills dudes of All Time. Period. I never seen this man have a bad promo. He is so great at what he does. He doesn’t even need a gimmick. He doesn’t have one. He is just him. And the crowd LOVES it. It’s a shame he will never cut another promo again. For wrestling at least. I’m sure he will cut some in UFC. For the record, I liked CM Punk before he gave his friend Colt Cabana a shoutout on Raw. But even if I liked him after that, there’s no shame in that. Because that promo showcased his skills and set the wrestling world on fire for a few good weeks. It’s not bandwagoning  if you notice someone with good skills that you never paid attention to before. Anyway, I will forever say CM Punk is the best microphone worker of the modern era. And one of the best of all time. For a time.. he really was the best in the world.

Well, that was the article. I hope you liked it. If you didn’t? Feel free to tell me how much it sucked! I like that too!





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