The Undertaker Retiring?

By | 18 April 2009

According to the source, WWE announced a Undertaker retirement tour in November. The tour will take place in Dublin, Ireland and the tour is called, "Undertaker's Rest in Peace Tour." As reported before, The Undertaker was in a bad shape after his match against Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania. He is having problems with his knees. The Undertaker is expected to retire sometime after Wrestlemania 26. 





0 thoughts on “The Undertaker Retiring?

  1. Anonymous

    just bec. the tour is calld that way doesnt mean his retiring.He will probly not retire until the streak is broken.

  2. Hi

    Comment Under Me

    He Might Lose Next WM Coz Its All Planned Out

    So When WE Want Him Gone Its Pretty Easy They Write Him Out With A Storyline

    Just Like TNA Did With The Of The Wagon Challenge

    Thats How They Took Out People

  3. Anonymous

    It will also be the wwe RIP tour if he really is retiring

  4. WRONG

    If u have read other reports like a reporter does it clearly states that the correspondent made a mistake, the tour will be named Undertakers Revenge Tour, WWE does this just to have a thee and market from it, Just like the DX Tour they will have later on in the year

  5. CollectiveSoul

    Taker cant lose his streak, its like takin away Ric Flair’s 16x Champion status, its what makes Taker legendary, if it is gone then shame on WWE and shame on you guys thinkin thats how it should be, the WWE Hall of Fame, oh im no longer undeafted, i wasnt the greatest world champion, umm i retired a loser? wtf is wrong with you guys

  6. ravan

    I agree the undefeated WM streek should be taken into retirement by the undertaker. Also on WM streeks I have idea for the WWE. Big show has lost what the last 3 if not more WM matches he has had why not use that.

  7. almighty d55

    yh right the undertaker is so passoint about restling if you’ve seen his endless movies. He going to be restling till he is furmly in yhe grave.

  8. King Neli

    Even tho’ its sad to see him go he is definatlly a wrestling legend
    R.I.P Taker (Even tho’ he isn’t dead oh well)

  9. Joose

    During a house show at The O2 Arena in Dublin, The Undertaker’s entrance music came on and ring announcer Tony Chimmel then announced that the WWE would be running an Undertaker retirement tour next April.

  10. luke

    well in my opinon i think he will retire when his steak at WM is 20-0 and my opinion for the person to induct him into the hall off fame will be stone cold steve austin!


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