Ultimate Warrior mad at Batista

By | 15 May 2008

Ultimate Warrior recently said on a radio show that he wasn't too happy with Batista. He hates that Batista stole Warrior's trademark taunt of shaking the ropes. Batista said in his book that he indeed stole that taunt from the Warrior.


Warrior then continues to rip on Batista, saying that "if he ever saw Warrior in real life, his tattoo would jump off his back". Warrior also stated in another radio show (with a homosexual host) that he was misquoted regarding homosexuals in the past.


Source: sescoops.com 



18 thoughts on “Ultimate Warrior mad at Batista

  1. Equalizer

    You have got to be kidding me. I saw the video of warriors supposed comeback in the NWE or whatever it is. He can barely walk, he definitely can’t run and he can not move quick at all anymore. Warrior needs to get over himself. He was a big name for about 2 years if that.

  2. jonathan

    (to the ultimate warrior) at least batista is smart enough to keep extending his career

  3. The Philadelphia Phighter

    Ultimate Warrior: Get out of the spotlight. Just like Hank Steinbreiner, (misspelled that) you talk, nobody really cares anymore. You’re mad at Batista? More like jealous. Jealousy is something everyone deals with. Deal with it like the rest of us humans.

  4. Rofl

    LOL ultimate warrior is just pissed off cuz hes not the ONLY guy in WWE that suffers from Roid Rage.

  5. NighTMarch

    Dude should be thankful to get that kind of tribute! Anytime I see a wrestler ripping off another wrestler’s gimmick/move/ whatever, I look at it like getting credit for making an impact on another wrestler.

    The Warrior should thank his lucky stars that he is remembered at all after the crap that he has done to himself!

  6. GameOver

    All gimmicks/signature/finisher are all belong to WWE. Since they’re WWE’s properties, wrestlers cannot make claims of the above. The only reason we’re seeing repeating gimmicks/signature/finisher is that WWE’s want to recirculate their creations throughout different generations on different superstars.

  7. Anonymous

    All gimmicks/signatures/finishers do not belong to WWE, or else there would be no other feds out there. They may own alot of it, but not all of it or else WWE would sue TNA, ROH, NWE, and all indy feds for copyright infringement.

    Not only that, but if that is the case, they’d have created a new ultimate Warrior, which they can’t because he, Warrior, himself owns that gimmick.

    Batista is a hack anyhow.

  8. Anonymous

    How did you see the comeback at the NWE show when his match against Orlando Jordan hasn’t even occurred yet? I’ve made the 8x10s for both Orlando and Warrior for that show….which is still over a month away. Did you see it on YouTubeInTheFuture?

  9. GameOver

    All World Wrestling Entertainment programming, talent names, images, likenesses, slogans, wrestling moves, trademarks, logos and copyrights are the exclusive property of World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. and its subsidiaries. All other trademarks, logos and copyrights are the property of their respective owners. © 2008 World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

  10. Anonymous

    You just proved my point with their own copyright statement, see that last part about “respective owners”? That means people or organizations other than WWE, therefore they do not own everything in the wrestling world as you seem to think. Do they own the figure four leglock? No, no one does….it has been around longer than WWE itself.

  11. Anonymous

    You have not one clue as to what you are talking about, Game Over. WWE is not the god of wrestling or keeper to everything that is wrestling….Olympic Slam = Angle Slam, same move, different name. WWE may own the name, but not the move….you don’t know what you are talking about, obviously. WWE itself has really only been around sinced the beginning of the 80s, which I guess to you it probably is a lifetime, kid.

  12. Hand Hanzo

    “All gimmicks/signature/finisher are all belong to WWE”

    Therefore, they could sue TNA for Shark Boy’s Austin gimmick?

  13. Daddy

    That’s right…..WWE is not the god of wrestling or keeper of anything wrestling. Warrior created his own persona, and legally owns the copyright to EVERYTHING Warrior. WWE does not own a single piece of the man. And they own NO wrestling moves…….they own the individual names to those moves such as the Batista Bomb, Pedigree, RKO, Mic Check, Twist of Fate, Rock Bottom, Stone Cold Stunner, etc…….the same moves can be in any federation- even your own back yard if you wish. WWE’s made up names for each move can NOT be used without permission, but if Jimmy Jack Willis wants to use a move in a Eastern Tennessee Hillbilly Rasslin Federation ring, he can do it as long as he don’t use WWE’s given name for that move.

  14. GameOver

    “WWE itself has really only been around sinced the beginning of the 80s, which I guess to you it probably is a lifetime, kid.” – Did you hear yourself? WWE also know as WWF and founded in the late 50s, and it’s obviously one of the long last wrestling federation in this industry. Since a child like you doesn’t exist at that time yet, I can’t blaming you for being an ignoramus. If you still want to prolong this argument, feel free to flood my Messages box, on; if that’s even your real name ingame.

  15. Daddy

    GameOver, you are right…….WWE/WWF has been around for over 50 years. BUT……until the 80’s, they were nowhere near the top wrestling organization. Basically until Hulk Hogan came along, WWF was almost unheard of or not cared for thru most of the country. World Class Championship Wrestling (which Daddy worked with) was the original “leader in sports entertainment” along with AWA and NWA. It wasn’t until WCCW died as its talent died, and Ted Turner came along to take over wrestling with WCW that WWF started expanding to become worldwide and compete for the top spot in wrestling, by adding more acting and “entertainment” to it’s show, along with innovative pay-per-view events ie. Wrestlemania. So, yeah….it was around long before the 80’s but it wasn’t near the top of the wrestling world until then.

  16. J-Ro

    Warrior’s best matches never lived up to most any other wrestler’s worst matches. Take any of Warrior’s best matches and play them side-by-side with any random match from, say, Sting or Flair, or even someone comparable in size to Warrior, like Steiner or even Batista, and there’s a marked difference in the flow and execution of the match. Warrior was, and always will be, 95% media creation. Don’t get me wrong, Hogan is mostly media creation too, but he also could put on a great match on his own. Warrior always needed somebody else, because he wasn’t capable of doing it himself. Dude’s matches were just awful. He knew four moves, clothesline, shoulderblock, press slam, running splash. Every now and then he’d throw in a poorly-executed suplex or the occasional top-rope club. Watch his retirement match vs. Randy Savage at WM7 — when you can’t put on a great match with early-90’s-era Savage as your opponent, you blow.

  17. crystalcrusader

    First of all, I thought Warrior put on exciting matches and earned his money well. Second of all, from previous media sources, Batista shook them ropes before he performed the Batista Bomb to honor the Warrior. Something tells me that this story about Warrior being mad at Batista is a made up storyline. Like so many other negative stories of the Warrior. Sounds like jealousy to me folks! Peace.


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