Vickie Guerrero Nude Photo’s

By | 3 January 2009

Reportedly the WWE Website has actually posted pictures of Vickie Guerrero nude, on the site. The pictures are censored around her breasts, with a black box. these photos were actually taken in the room that Vickie and Edge used for this past Fridays Smackdown.


Internet Searches for Vickie Guerrero are up significantly, with "Vickie Guerrero Nude" holding the 5th spot on google for most searched.



Note:I wrote Reportedly as i have not actually seen these pics myself nor do i plan to.



0 thoughts on “Vickie Guerrero Nude Photo’s

  1. Tariel

    I have to say i’ve seen them. I like them Vicki is hot! But on the other hand i think Edge is Hot too! Yummy. I call for naked pictures of edge Mmmmm!

  2. Schembro

    Just to clarify that is not the real tariel at the time this was written Tariel was offline

    Name Stats Scout Challenge Send pm

    Online 52 minutes 8 seconds ago

  3. Dirty Mike

    just went to wwe and saw pics scary thank god for black box covering parts meanwhile she probably wearing a swimsuit

  4. The Philadelphia Phighter

    Those pics are HOTTTT! Why do they have to have the black boxes? I’m gonna go search them on google to see if there is any with no black boxes.

  5. Brg

    This sucks I just got done eating before I looked, No Lie…
    Well sorry to say to anyone Ive tried six differant sights and they all have the same pix on them. Im glad too that was just *censored* nasty…. Eddie rest your soul what where you thinking……

  6. El Valo

    Good Lord, there is nothing but black box there. But on Vickie in general, I would tap that my friends.

  7. Anonymous

    If WWE is going the PG route and gearing the whole fed towards kids….how do these “nude” photos play into a kid friendly, PG rated company? Here we have that hypocritical circle Vince likes to talk himself into.

  8. The REAL Philadelphia Phighter

    I apologize for the moron who took my name.
    Me, I have no intention to find the proof of Triple H’s jokes.

  9. The Superstar Austin Creed

    Gotta love the kiddies taking other people’s names. Cant imagine that was actually Valo either.

  10. crazydude

    you think thats good i can find uncensored pics of nude wrestlers, now if only you could post links.

  11. El Valo

    Actually, it was the real me. I am turned off by her mouth, but for the rest, I have a weird fascination for Vickie Guerrero. Same thing with that “Supernanny”, and I mean Jo Frost, not Britney Spears.

  12. The Superstar Austin Creed

    Lol. Didnt expect that from you Valo. Personally, she disgusts me but that’s my opinion.

  13. Bogatyr

    Dammit, now i have to actually *watch* smackdown to figure out what the hell’s going on. Though Phillie, you’re probably right, if it is a storyline it’s got HHH all over it, either way, it’ll be fun watching SD!’s ratings spike like hell XD

  14. El Valo

    There’s nothing wrong with loving a woman with “all female forms”, Austin. It’s skinny girls that frighten me.

  15. The Superstar Austin Creed

    She’s fat. Thats all there is to it. Theres no other name for it.

  16. Nero bank$

    vicki nude?ugh…. I dnt hav no intention at looking at those photos

    and let me say it agen vicki nude?ugh…….

  17. RKO

    If you stare at those pictures long enough, you’ll turn into stone.

  18. R.U.Sty

    If you stare at those pics long enough, you can actually see through them

  19. Vicky

    What the hell do you think u r doing i am vicky i was no even nuded

  20. Tariel

    No, it was me. Edge is yum, as is HBK, and Randy Orton. mmm Randy Orton really does it for me!

  21. Asgard

    I’ve got a crisp Washington that says she was wearing a one-piece bathing suit for that shoot. Anyone who believes she’s really naked under that black box needs to be shot.

  22. Ughh....


    Hooooooooo…….*pukes again*

    oh mannn………*pukes again*

    *still puking*

  23. vicky guerrero

    i dont think its very funny that everyones soo intrested in me being naked everyone gets naked its nothing new


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