Whatever happened to: John Heidenreich

By | 2 August 2008

John Heidenreich recently had an interview on the july 31 edition of The Shoot, hosted by Gary Cantrell and Alan Martin.


On what he's doing right now

Heidenreich says he's been trying to get some work in the indies, but it's not that hard finding work these days because Vince has a monopoly on the business. However, he did get a year long contract with NWE, a Spanish independant promotion. He says the crowd there is amazing, and he was actually on the same show as The Ultimate Warrior. He also did a 6 man tag match with Chris Masters and Orlando Jordan where they fought against Rikishi, Black Pearl and RVD.


On TNA contacting him

He said there were some contacts, but it never lead to anything concrete.


On the rape angle with Michael Cole in WWE

He says that one night Stephanie McMahon came up to him and told him what was expected from him. He had to think about Pulp Fiction when he first heard it, but he was just happy he wasn't the one to get the kayfabe raping. It appears though that the angle came from a dream Vince once had.


On the "be my friend"-gimmick

It actually was something he just once randomly threw into one of his promos. However, the Undertaker heard about it backstage, and encouraged Heidenreich to go with that gimmick. It turned Heidenreich into a face, according to Heidenreich, that turn came way too quickly.


On Animal accusing him of taking drugs

Animal recently mentioned in an interview that Heidenreich can't consider himself to be a spiritual man, when he bleeds from his ears from taking something he shouldn't be taking at all. Animal was referring to Heidenreich being on some sort of drugs here. Heidenreich had not heard about this accusation, and it got him pretty mad. He says the ear bleeding was because of an inner ear infection, and not from taking drugs. He wonders if there actually is a drug that can make you do that. He did admit that he got some morphine while he was in the hospital though, but was very upset by the comments made by Animal nonetheless.


Source: prowrestling.net



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  1. eww

    “he was just happy he wasn’t the one to get the kayfabe raping. It appears though that the angle came from a dream Vince once had.” Vince is one sick fudgecicle.


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