Why ‘Curtis Axle’ Is Getting A Push

By | 22 May 2013

It is being reported that the reason for the push that Curtis Axle (Michael McGillicutty) is getting is because The Rock and Triple H really like him at the moment. The Rock trained with Axle a lot, in fact doing most of his ring training with him while Triple H is reported as being a big supporter of him for a long time now, pushing for Axle to get pushed….but only time will tell if this push amounts to anything.


Source: www.ewrestlingnews.com

– The Cobra



0 thoughts on “Why ‘Curtis Axle’ Is Getting A Push

  1. andrew

    didn’t like him as Mc Gillicutty.. Don’t like him now…

  2. Kevin

    Not impressed with him so far. The have a lot of guys ahead of him like Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater and even Cody Rhodes who are more talented.

  3. Joe

    Very good performer who has tremendous family history. Reminds me of a young Arn Anderson

  4. Calvin Hobbs

    He sucked when he was with the nexus and he sucks now.

  5. terror

    He’s young, he got plenty of time. He’s in the right spot.

  6. Dude

    He is boring right now but the wwe can make anyone interesting i found daniel bryan boring too when he first came out but than he got the YES! And NO! catch phrase and now i find him kinda cool… Give him time and he will get some catch phrase and korny storyline and everybody will like him

  7. bigbutt

    You guys are mean 😛

    Not gonna lie though. He still sucks. HHH needs to know that he can’t force the fans to like him. Seems like I hear crickets during his matches


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