Wrestlemania Better Than The SuperBowl?

By | 1 February 2009

The Biggest event in Pro-Wrestling or the Biggest event in American Pro-Football which is better. Well WWE.com has given 25 reasons why Wrestlemania is Bigger and better than te SuperBowl.



Here They Are.

1. Better Trophies

2. Zero Commercials

3. Our Post Game Is RAW

4. Hallelujah! No Bob Costas

5. Our Former GM Actually Played in the NFL!!  (Adamle)

6. Hardy's Trump Mannings

7. Tickets For The Fans -Not Corporate Stooges

8. Bookmakers Need Not Apply

9. Higher Standards

10. Undertakers Streak

11. Superior Fashion At WWE's Hall Of Fame Ceremony

12. You Actually Watch IT With Fans

13. Helping H-Town

14. Hotter Reporters

15. Wrestlemania Is Not Named After a Lame Childrens Toy

16. No Two-Week Gap between Reguarly-Scheduled WWE Events and Wrestlemania

17. You Can Ogle Godaddy.com Spokesbeauty Candice Michelle, For More Than 30 Seconds

18. You Make the Call, Which is Better? (A field Goal Kick or Shawn Michaels Superkick)

19. The City Of Buffalo Could Use a Championship

20. Freedom of Choice

21. Fewer Blowouts

22. No Injury Timeouts

23. Spring Fever

24. Our Ref's pay the Price When They Screw Up

25. Rematches 1 Month Later


Under Every number on WWE.com they have a little comment on each headline, so to understand some of the Headlines it helps to read the article


Source: WWE.com




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