Wrestlemania Better Than The SuperBowl?

By | 1 February 2009

The Biggest event in Pro-Wrestling or the Biggest event in American Pro-Football which is better. Well WWE.com has given 25 reasons why Wrestlemania is Bigger and better than te SuperBowl.



Here They Are.

1. Better Trophies

2. Zero Commercials

3. Our Post Game Is RAW

4. Hallelujah! No Bob Costas

5. Our Former GM Actually Played in the NFL!!  (Adamle)

6. Hardy's Trump Mannings

7. Tickets For The Fans -Not Corporate Stooges

8. Bookmakers Need Not Apply

9. Higher Standards

10. Undertakers Streak

11. Superior Fashion At WWE's Hall Of Fame Ceremony

12. You Actually Watch IT With Fans

13. Helping H-Town

14. Hotter Reporters

15. Wrestlemania Is Not Named After a Lame Childrens Toy

16. No Two-Week Gap between Reguarly-Scheduled WWE Events and Wrestlemania

17. You Can Ogle Godaddy.com Spokesbeauty Candice Michelle, For More Than 30 Seconds

18. You Make the Call, Which is Better? (A field Goal Kick or Shawn Michaels Superkick)

19. The City Of Buffalo Could Use a Championship

20. Freedom of Choice

21. Fewer Blowouts

22. No Injury Timeouts

23. Spring Fever

24. Our Ref's pay the Price When They Screw Up

25. Rematches 1 Month Later


Under Every number on WWE.com they have a little comment on each headline, so to understand some of the Headlines it helps to read the article


Source: WWE.com




0 thoughts on “Wrestlemania Better Than The SuperBowl?

  1. steve fernandes

    wwf or wwe has been by the road side for years and never will get the same viewers because the players in the wwe are not hulk or andre or piper ect…. and so on good luck you’ll need it …. real ratings require real wrestlers ….. good bye hulk made and hulk will destroy it :)))…..


  2. Anonymous

    Two months ago I would say wrestlemania but now I am just bored with wwe and their child program. So I just watch ROH currenly because that is real pro-wrestling federation ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. ...

    Heaven forbid having to pay for any products you use. do you resent having to pay rent for the house you live in? or having to pay for the food you eat? Money DOES make the world go round!!!

  4. Fontaine

    Why both WrestleMania and SuperBowl plain suck: They just suck. WWE is PG-rated now and SuperBowl, well it is SuperBowl.

  5. Anonymous

    the superbowl doesn’t cost $40 either… and bookmakers need not apply because the outcomes are fixed.

  6. Comment 6......Wow

    That has nothing to do with anything. There is a slight difference between a PPV and a house. That was a complete swing and a miss.

  7. Collective Soul

    football is boring to watch every 10 seconds it stops, its worse then watching Golf

  8. ravan

    Your joking right? rasselmania better than the superbowl? westlemania is boring and 90% of the matches endings are predictable. The hits in the legit. The injurys are real. Not to mention the wwe has done a halftime show during the superbowl remember the rock vs foley a few years ago?

  9. Lรƒยช

    i can write 2 reasons for don’t watch Wrestlemania : 1-Cena on the Main Event.
    2-Batista on Main Event

  10. ro ravan

    mania is boring..dude i would like to slap you.American football is truly boring.

  11. The Solidier

    Wrestlemania is way BETTER and JOHN CENA!!!! I HOPE WILL BE IN IT AND IF U DONT LIKE THAT THEN I HAVE TWO WORDS FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SUCK IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. TSAC

    American football kicks ass and the Super Bowl kills WM. Soccer and rugby are garbage.

  13. Asgard

    “Heaven forbid having to pay for any products you use. do you resent having to pay rent for the house you live in? or having to pay for the food you eat? Money DOES make the world go round!!!”

    So justify paying that much to rent a PPV when that’s how much I pay for a month’s worth of cable AND internet. I mean… If you want to bring in the responsibility of housing/feeding yourself v. doubling one of your household bills for the sake of three hours worth of mediocre children’s entertainment… We can discuss that.

  14. Blitz

    you must be one of those people that don’t like american football -_-

  15. The Superstar Austin Creed

    And I was right. The Super Bowl was amazing. Great game. WM is shaping up to suck.

  16. ravan

    Yep the super bowl was great and as far as paying for things I use i have no problem paying for things worth the money rent food clothes ect. but I haven’t seen a wrestlemania worth 50 dollars in years and ro ravan bring it on you crumpet eating tea drinking sissy not that all europeans are sissy i have the utmost respect for most of them just not him

  17. Koj Tije Dedo

    All of you need to get a grip. First of all, Wrestlemania hasn’t been “must see” since Hogan left. Mind you, I’m a huge fan of Steve Austin, but still…the Hogan era eclipses all of the Wrestlemanias since. Secondly, the past three of four Superbowls were AWESOME! Very entertaining, without forcing fans to spend another $50 just to watch it. Third, those that think Rugby is for sissies should look in the mirror. Rugby is American football plus soccer rolled into one…pretty much non-stop action with hard hits! Finally, none of the above really matters. Why? Because everyone has their own taste and take on it. So, enjoy what you prefer, and let everyone else simple be.

  18. The Superstar Austin Creed

    Everyone has their own opinion and I do agree with Koj that the last several Super Bowls have been epic. I think ever since the Rams v. Patriots, all of the Super Bowls have been phenomenal.

  19. Anonymous

    I was going to post an actual comment based on the topic, but I got bored reading all the other ones.


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