WWE RAW Results – 9/28/15

By | 29 September 2015

We are live for Monday Night Raw! We see the return of the Demon Kane from last week, and also the return of Corporate Kane. Kane is still the Director Of Operations and the United States Championship rematch between John Cena and Seth Rollins. Cena of course won the match, but by the end of last week, the Demon Kane sent Seth to the depths of hell! Will Seth escape hell? We find out tonight!

We are live from Buffalo, New York. And the singing of John Cena Sucks means only one thing, the United States Open Challenge has returned! Now technically it returned last week, but only because Seth Rollins had his rematch clause for the title. We learn that later tonight, Roman Reigns will face Bray Wyatt. Apparently someone in the crowd is Cena’s stunt double in the crowd. Cena has the mic and says some of the people here are salty tonight. Have no fear, the champ is here. And this championship is a symbol of excellence, a symbol of opportunity and this championship will be defended here tonight, right now. Because as I look around, Buffalo is the place to be, some may disagree but John Cena is the man to beat. The John Cena US Open Challenge starts now, you want some? Come get some. Who’s it gonna be? WAIT A MINUTE! THE TROMBONE IS HERE! AWWWWWWWWWWW JOHN CENAAAAAA!! YOUR TITLE REIGN HAS BEEN BELAYED, CLAP FOR YOUR SOON TO BE US CHAMP! AND FEEEEEEEEEEEEL DUH POWWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!! Your WWE Tag Team Champions are here! And the New Day is here to make WWE great again! And this Saturday, live from Madison Square Garden, only on the WWE Network. We will be rid of those disgusting, vile, dirty Dudley Boyz! But tonight Johnny Boy, we are here to enter your open challenge, to also give you a new catchphrase! Hustle, Loyalty..Booty! Kofi talks about the possibility of having the US and Tag titles at the same damn time! You might as well tell us team Scrooge McDuck! Cause we gonna be swimming in all the gold! They sing New US Champs! Cena thanks them for the remix, choose one, and make this happen, there is a time to entertain and a time to be serious, if you don’t take me seriously then I will beat all your asses! Woods steps up and says Cena will be lost in the woods! I love it! Lillian Garcia gives us the in-ring introductions for this US title match.

United States Championship: John Cena (c) vs Xavier Woods

I love how Woods uses the trombone like an airhorn during the introductions here, but this championship match is underway! Clothesline by Cena already and Woods goes to the outside, saying he wasn’t ready. The New Day circle the ring, Cena fights them off and Cena already takes him down, Five Knuckle Shuffle but Kofi tripped the leg, the official ejects both Kofi and Big E! This is now a one on one match and it will continue when we come back!

Cena going for what he was trying to do earlier in the match as we come back, and the Five Knuckle Shuffle connects. AA into a enzuguri by Woods but Cena kicks out at two! Woods going up top but Cena knocks him down, AA from the second rope but Woods lands on his feet and scurries away and ducks a crossbody, flying DDT by Woods but Cena kicks out. Woods is dancing and goes for Lost In The Woods but Cena hits a powerbomb for a two count. JBL just compared Xavier Woods to Muhammad Ali..ok then, nonetheless Woods hits Cena with a modified Sethwalker for two. Woods goes off the ropes and right into the AA but Woods kicks out! Another AA but Woods connects with Eat Defeat for two! Cena rolls him up for two and Woods takes him back down for two. Woods up top but crashes and burns with a legdrop, Cena hits as wicked of a clothesline like there was from the start of the match. STF locked in but the rest of the New Day break it up for the disqualification! The Dudley Boyz hit the ring and clean house! Dudley’s and Cena stand tall! Wait a minute, New Day grab D-Von and beat him down, we head to break. Will we see a six-man out of this? Find out when we come back!

Winner via DQ and still Champion: John Cena

We see the Brock Lesnar Go To Hell Tour, which includes a match in the Garden with The Big Show this Saturday night, a Stone Cold Podcast, and a match with The Undertaker at Hell In A Cell, inside the cell!

Cena & Dudley Boyz vs The New Day

This match is joined in progress as the DOO Kane made this match official. Constant tags by the Dudley’s and Cena, a Wassap, Five Kunckle Shuffle and Kofi tags in Big E. E already with a headlock and a shoulder tackle. New Day with constant tags and stomping a mudhole in Cena. Woods screams he should be US Champion yet he possibly could of been if the New Day did not interfere. New Day with the trombone kick and a two count. Cena gets a shot in but Kofi trips him up and this time that trip is legal. E tags in, hits the Warrior splash for a two count! Off the ropes again but Cena rolls out of the way this time. E and Cena make the tag and here come D-Von and Kofi! D-Von with a flying shoulder tackle, distraction by Woods and D-Von with a neckbreaker! Big E is tossed into Cena and both of them fall to the floor! Kofi springboards back in but lands into a punch for a two count. Bubba Ray tags in, Kofi misses with Trouble In Paradise but Bubba hits the Bubba Bomb but Woods breaks up the pin. D-Von tags in, and I got a question, WASSAP? Dudley’s going for the 3D, Woods grabs Bubba, Trouble In Paradise connects and the New Day are all even tonight!

Winners: New Day

Last week we saw what some are calling a Paigebomb! Charlotte and Becky Lynch will be on Miz TV later tonight.

We see the mind games from Kane on Smackdown.

We learn that Dolph Ziggler still has feelings for Nikki Bella, find out if Nikki leaves big John tomorrow night on the Season Finale of Total Divas!

The Authority is with an HR representative named Ashley, we learn that Kane has an anonymous complaint against him, Seth walks in and we can only assume Rollins was the one that made that complaint. Kane’s role as Director Of Operations could be in jeopardy.

Dean Ambrose is against this match with Rollins being a one on one contest. Bray might have something up his sleeve. Reigns does not care, he wants this to be one on one. Ambrose is ok now but he says if something happens, he will come down here. Orton walks in and Dean does not want any outsiders, could this be the end of this relationship? Find out later tonight.

Mark Henry is in the ring, Big Show makes his way to the ring. Big Show will face Brock Lesnar at Madison Square Garden this Saturday night, only on the WWE Network.

Mark Henry vs The Big Show

This match is underway and Henry already with punches and headbutts, trying to lift Show but Show with a spear! Show is fired up as he yells at a fan, and he slams Mark Henry with ease! Show picks him up and slams him down again, proclaiming that he is a damn giant and that this is his ring! A third bodyslam by Show! Henry shoves him off but Show rebounds off the ropes and connects with that big boot. WMD set up and connecting, you could count to a hundred!

Winner: Big Show

Reigns and Wyatt are later tonight. We see The Miz preparing backstage, Miz TV is up next.

Miz TV is in the ring, Miz has the mic, he welcomes us to the must see talk show in WWE History, Miz TV. The WWE Universe cannot get enough of the Divas Revolution, but some divas may be. We see the Paigebomb from last week. The crumbling of PCB is the drama you could see at the season finale of Total Divas, and tonight I have the B and C of PCB. Please welcome Becky Lynch, and the new Divas Champion, Charlotte!

Ladies, thank you for coming to Miz TV, especially with what happened last time with Team Bella. Becky talks about how the last time they were here, Miz was a misogynistic jackass! Charlotte calls out Paige, Miz’s microphone is tossed away by Becky. Team Bella make their way to the ring.

Nikki says we don’t party with losers, we came here to tell you something, thank you. Because while your team is acting like a lot of high school girls, Team Bella is more united than ever! When we have our rematch it looks like you will have your daytime drama and I will become the new Divas Champion. Charlotte says this isn’t about you, but since you like to make things about you, come in here so I can make you tap out like I did at Night Of Champions. Nikki says that it is about her because of that title, Paige did say some things that she agrees with. But Paige did not start the Divas Revolution. Charlotte cuts in and talks about how the Divas Revolution is about these people believing in us!

Paige makes her way to the ring and talks about how she started the Divas Revolution by becoming the first ever NXT Women’s Champion, how without her, Charlotte wouldn’t even be champion and people wouldn’t even know Becky Lynch’s name! Nikki cuts in and says with friends like these, who needs enemies? Paige quips back by saying with boyfriends like yours, who needs ambition? All six divas are brawling now and it looks like PCB has had a reunion against a common enemy! But will this stand? Find out after the break!

Team PCB vs Team Bella

This match is joined in progress as it was made by the DOO Kane! Paige is actually working together with Becky and Charlotte, this is very interesting. Charlotte tags in and works on Foxy until Brie tags in and works on the arm of Charlotte for a two count. Arm like snapmare by Charlotte and Becky tags in and a nice double armdrag and a double kip-up but Brie takes Becky to the apron and Foxy takes her down as Brie kicks Becky in the back several times, Nikki tags in and hits a snap suplex for two. Nikki with a hammerlock slam for two. Nikki takes Becky into the corner and Foxy tags in, suplex for two. A bow and arrow like maneuver by Foxy but she then tags in Brie and Brie with a suplex. YesKicks by Brie in the corner, Brie then hits a bulldog for two. Becky tries to fight out of a hold but Brie tosses her back down, takes her into the corner and Nikki tags in and a nice double team by the Bellas for two. Nikki has a reverse chinlock applied, Becky tries to fight out of it but Nikki goes for a suplex but Becky rolls her up for two, double clothesline and both women are down! Charlotte tags in and hits a series of elbows and chops on Nikki! Beautiful neckbreaker followed by a kick to the face and Brie breaks the pin up, all six women are in the ring, Charlotte goes for a figure four, Nikki pushes Charlotte into Paige, Paige leaves but Natalya comes down to try and explain it, Natalya then goes to tag in, could this be the debut of NBC? Paige pulls Nattie off the apron, Nikki hits the Rack Attack, Brie takes care of Becky and Team Bella picks up the win!

Winners: Team Bella

Coming up next we will get a preview of Brock Lesnar and The Big Show!

We see a promo for WWE 2K16! From what I have seen of the game, it looks leaps and bounds better than 2K15, and don’t forget, if you pre-order now, you will get The Terminator!

We learn that WWE has won several silver awards, but two gold awards for the WWE App! Michael Cole, JBL & Byron Saxton then hype up Big Show and Brock Lesnar.

We go back all the way to 2002, Brock Lesnar was the next big thing, Big Show was the veteran. Big Show beat Brock for the WWE Championship at Survivor Series, we see Show’s dominance from the past few years, we then see when the ring famously broke almost a year later in 2003! Something that never happened before at that time, we then fast forward to the Royal Rumble last year, Brock manhandled Show with a steel chair. And then, this Saturday in Madison Square Garden. This rivalry began in the Garden, and it might very well end inside the Garden!

Seth Rollins is with Ashley, Kane comes in with a big red box, he gives this gift to Seth. Kane has found the head of the statue of Rollins! What a great move by Kane!

The Prime Time Players make their way to the ring. But this could get very interesting, at a combined weight of 627 pounds! Luke Harper and Braun Strowman! This will be the first time Strowman and Harper are as a duo here tonight. The fireflies are in huge forces here tonight!

PTP vs Luke Harper and Braun Strowman

Darren Young and Harper kick things off and Harper with a snapmare and a shoulder tackle, D-Young hits a elbow and tries to follow up with a discus punch but Harper blocks it, Young hits it this time but falls right into a dropkick and here comes Strowman! Young tossed to the outside and Braun tosses him into the barricade! Braun tosses him between the second and bottom ropes and hits him with a big boot back into the ring, Harper tags in and puts the boots to Young. Young with an enzuguri and here comes Titus O’Neil who is like a house of fire but that fire is quickly extinguished by a boot by Harper, but Titus with a powerslam and a boot of his own. The Gator bark is in full effect here in Buffalo, Strowman stopped Titus in his tracks, Harper with a lariat but Young breaks it up, but runs into Strowman who has him up, Titus is distracted by this and turns into a lariat by Harper, Strowman tags in and hits that hybrid of a bearhug and a sleeper, Titus passes out and this one is over!

Winners via submission: Luke Harper & Braun Strowman

Bray Wyatt will be here later tonight as he faces Roman Reigns.

Will Nikki go back to Dolph? Find out tomorrow night on the Season Finale of Total Divas!

We see a promo for WWE2K16, Stardust is in the ring, Neville makes his way to the ring.

Stardust vs Neville

This match is underway, a good bit of chain wrestling to kick it off, we get Cody chants but Stardust goes for a suplex but Neville with a hurricanrana but Stardust cuts him off and takes him to the corner, but Neville flips away and goes up top but Neville is caught in the tree of woe and is given boot after boot! What a sequence that was! Neville kicks Stardust while in the tree of woe and hits a dropkick! Going up top for the Red Arrow..wait a minute! King Barrett is back! Stardust pushes Neville into the Bullhammer, Stardust gets a Bullhammer of his own! He has a mic, and proclaims us to all hail the return of the King!

No Contest.

Rollins is with Ashley, the live evaluation of Kane is up next!

Kane and Ashley are in the ring. Kane thanks Ashley for coming here to see what this anonymous email has come from. Ashley is just about to read her report, but here comes the Undisputed Champion, Seth Rollins!

Rollins stops this for a minute, he shows us the past of Kane, the Devils favorite Demon, Kane! WOW! Even showing when Kane tossed Zack Ryder off of the stage, remember when that was a thing? Rollins comes back and says because of this, Kane is unfit to be the Director Of Operations, and the blood would be on Ashley’s hands! Rollins says he is going to Heaven! You don’t believe me? Ask the Pope! The Pope told me, Seth Rollins, you are going to Heaven..ok, if the Pope did actually say that, that is one thing, but using religion like this is not needed. Kane then shows us how Seth abused Kane from the past year or so. Ashley then reads her report, after the anonymous complaint, I have come to the determination, that Kane, is sound of mind and is more than capable of fufiling his duties as Director Of Operations. Kane is professional, kind and helpful. Kane is the perfect WWE Employee. If anyone needs to be evaluated, it is clearly Seth Rollins. Seth is rude, petty, and paranoid, he is the most single unprofessional person I have ever met in my time in the WWE. Rollins is livid! He says this is a travesty of justice. Kane, this is your fault! I am the champion of the world, you are out of your mind Kane! Kane was physically provoked! Kane goes to pick up the title but is caught and hit with a Pedigree! Rollins has a chair! A chairshot to the knee of Kane! Another shot, and another, constant chair shots to the body of Kane! Rollins puts a chair on the ankle of Kane! Curb Stomp to the ankle! A move that has been banned for the safety of WWE Superstars! In my personal opinion, by doing this to a man who is still a high ranking executive of the WWE, Rollins should be stripped of his title! Rollins talks about how human Kane looks right now, crying, squealing. A stretcher is out here for Kane. Your days of being jealous of the man are over! Kane is then taken into an ambulance. Wait a minute, the ambulance just hit the breaks? Maybe something was in the way. Wait a minute! The ambulance is now red! The Demon Kane is here! Wait a minute, this Demon is limping? He stomps his foot, I do not know if the Demon Kane had a prior injury, but he is now back to what he was! Here comes the Demon and it is a good thing Seth saw the Pope, because he might be going to Heaven after all. A shot to the leg and it is unaffected! Kane tosses Rollins into the corner! Big boot by the Demon! Chokeslam! Tombstone coming up but Rollins gets out of the way. The Demon has possession of the Undisputed Championship! Rollins has awoken a Demon!

We go from a Demon to a man who is on another spirit plane! Bray Wyatt! He talks about Roman Reigns, and grants his request, he will walk alone tonight, and he alone will take Roman down, because he is the alpha and omega, this will end tonight! Be careful what you wish for, because only a fool will look into a dragons eye, and think he will not be burned..RUN!

We get a look at NXT, all the way from the days of it beginning as FCW, all the way to what NXT has become today! Immediately following Raw, there will be an NXT All-Star Panel talking about the revolution that has become NXT, only on the WWE Network!

We get a look at the First Niagara Center in Buffalo, New York, and we see the Buffalo Bills in the crowd. But talking about success stories, we have Bo Dallas in the ring. He also mentions that the Bills are here, he says they are almost an inspiration. They are missing just one thing, a Super Bowl trophy! All you have to do, is Bolieve! Bo better Bolieve tonight, because he goes one on one with Randy Orton right now! We learn that next week, Smackdown will be in Philly!

Bo Dallas vs Randy Orton

This match is underway and into the lockup we go and a clean break, or so we think as Bo tries to get a cheap shot and does so on the outside, Orton fights back with a European uppercut, Bo goes right into the Bills, Back suplex onto the barricade, Orton conducts the crowd like an orchestra and hits a vintage backbreaker followed by that ropes DDT. Which can only mean one thing, RKO connecting and it is all over!

Winner: Randy Orton

We look back at last week on Smackdown, Kevin Owens walked out on Rusev in a tag team match, and coming up next, Kevin Owens will face Rusev.

Ryback is on commentary for this next match. Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens makes his way to the ring. We see the IC title match from Night Of Champions which caused Owens to become the champion! Rusev and Summer Rae make their way to the ring.

Kevin Owens vs Rusev

This match is underway and Ryback wants Summer to have a muzzle. Big throw by Rusev and Owens flies out of the ring. Owens stops himself from going into the steps, Owens shoves Rusev into Ryback and this is a three way brawl! Ryback is in the ring, Dolph Ziggler makes the save, already hitting Rusev with a superkick! But will Kane come out and make a third tag match tonight? Time will tell.

No contest

We see Ellen DeGeneres, and we learn how the dancing movement that has flooded the nation! Including the Jon Stewart being hit with a chair by his son! Stephanie McMahon even dancing! Please support Pediatric Cancer, and keep dancing!

Paul Heyman is not only here, but he is heading to the ring up next!

We see William Regal talking about this business, the risks and the rewards, the potential you could have and how you could be chewed up and spit out in an instance. Breaking Ground comes to the Network this October!

Will Dolph be with Nikki? Find out tomorrow night on the season finale of Total Divas.

Paul Heyman is in the ring. Ladies and gentleman, my name is Paul Heyman, and I am the Devils advocate, because anyone who steps in the ring with my client will go to hell, because my client. Brock Lesnar, will go to Madison Square Garden, and take out the 450 pound Big Show! I think, no I know, I know The Big Show better than anyone else, Show is like the math genius in sixth grade that gets a C+ because he is bored of the curriculum, but this Saturday night, Show will not be bored, he will be pushed to his limit, and with being pushed there is one WMD that could knock him out. As much as that scares me, that also excites me. Because my client, Brock Lesnar, will take the Big Show to Suplex City! Wait a minute, here comes The Big Show!

Show talks about how he will be going in the ring with Paul’s client, Brock Lesnar. I’m not here to hurt you Paul, but you should be worried, because I am the one guy that pushes Brock Lesnar to his limit every single time I step into the ring with him. I know you both are afraid, are you afraid that the Big Show will make history again? This Saturday night, Madison Square Garden, only on the WWE Network, it will be Eat, Sleep, Beat Brock Lesnar, Repeat! Paul you need to think about a future without Brock Lesnar! Paul leaves and is thinking long and hard. History could be made this Saturday night!

Bray Wyatt faces Roman Reigns up next.

We learn that the Barclays Center will be hosting SummerSlam for the next two years!

Roman Reigns makes his way to the ring. Bray Wyatt makes his way to the ring, but will he be alone this time? It looks to be the case so far, no, it looks like Strowman and Harper are not far behind. It looks like there are even more fireflies tonight than there were earlier before. Roman has a mic and says he challenges him to a one on one match. Yet they have the training wheels out, so training wheels, I have to ask you, do you even respect him? Because he looks like a little bitch. It looks like Bray is sending the training wheels to the back. This will be one on one after all.

Roman Reigns vs Bray Wyatt

This match is underway, and I will say this, this will not be a match folks, this will be a fight. Punches and elbows by both men and Roman with a series of suplexes, perhaps trying to send Bray to Suplex City. A dropkick to Bray on the apron as we cut to break.

Bray has a rest hold applied as we come back, during the break we see Bray tossing Roman into the ring and into the steps. Back to live action as Roman tries to fight out of it and does so with a suplex, urnage by Wyatt for a two count. Bray with the ground and pound, punches to the face of Roman, choking him on the apron now is Wyatt. Roman fights back with a few punches of his own, Wyatt with a kick to the gut and a DDT for two. Clubbing blow to the back of Roman but Roman sidesteps Bray as Bray goes shoulder first into the post! Bray misses a senton, Roman with a kick to the midsection and another and a third and a fourth. T-Bone suplex by Roman for two, even almost Jackhammer like. Several clotheslines by Roman in the corner, off the ropes and a huge clothesline, Superman Punch but Wyatt catches it, Roman tosses him across the ring, what a lariat by Bray for two! Slapjack in the corner by Bray, following up with a superplex but Roman grabs onto the rope to prevent it from happening, fighting back now and countering it into a powerbomb for two! Roman going for the Superman Punch again but runs right into a boot, but on the rebound hits it anyway! But the force of that punch took Bray into the ring, Bray sidesteps on the outside and Roman pretty much speared the steel steps! Bray has the steps, Roman swats them out of the way, Roman clotheslines Bray over the barricade! Tossing him back over the barricade, this match is now a double countout as Roman takes apart the announce table, now jumping over the barricade and hits a clothesline! Roman heading over to the tech area, both men with lefts and rights. This is just a brawl now, double headbutt. Big kick by Bray, Bray tosses a tech guy into Roman, followed by a clothesline right through the barricade! We get a this is awesome chant as Bray rings the bell, that was probably inadvertent as he is trying to get up, Bray is now on top of the announce table, SPEAR THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TABLE BY ROMAN OUT OF NOWHERE! Holy shit chants and Yes chants are filling the arena! The NXT Panel is up next on the Network, goodnight from Buffalo! What a night!

Double Countout


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