WWE Chyna talks about childhood traumas on TV

By | 1 February 2008

Ex-WWE Diva Chyna, whose real name is Joanie Laurer, made a rather shocking confession about her childhood on VH1's "Celebrity Rehab". The program is a reality show about celebrities who try to overcome their drug addictions, guided by Dr Drew. In order to personalize the treatment for Chyna, Dr Drew requested a private (as far as private goes in a reality show) session with Chyna.  Chyna then revealed that she grew up without parents basically. She never knew who her father was, and her mother was very abusive. Joanie was often locked up in the basement or the garage. Chyna also sometimes wet her pants as a kid, and then took a serious beating from her mom when that happened.

This path of "abusive love" continued for Chyna later an, as she said in earlier interviews that former husband Sean Waltman (X-Pac) also used to beat her.

Source: f4wonline.com



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