WWE Smackdown Vs Raw 2011 News

By | 27 January 2010

In a recent Tweet via twitter Chris Jericho revealed that he recently did about 2 hours worth of voice overs for the game.


While full details are yet to be announced it is expected that he will have a storyline in the games RTW: Road To Wrestlemania, story mode.


Here is Jericho's Tweet

Just finished doing two hours of voiceovers for raw vs smackdown 2011. Maybe I'll try to actually play it next year.


Source: pwpix.net



145 thoughts on “WWE Smackdown Vs Raw 2011 News

  1. Anonymous

    two hours of voice overs even for a seasoned actor would tell me he is more going to have parts in RtWM then his own string

  2. Anonymous

    @DJ Riot… NO! Dont bring back GM mode from 08.. bring the one from, 06 or 07 Back when it wasnt totaly stupid and you could actualy have some fun.

  3. Anonymous

    Bring back the gameplay from the 2007 game, the gameplay of 2008+2009+2010 totally sucked

  4. Smackdown!

    My still favorite wrestling game is Smackdown 2: Know Your Role. The season put you through an intense year where you could battle anywhere, and the diverstiy of stuff you could do with weapons/ladders/everything was amazing. Also you could continue the season mode for however long you wanted, and complex events continued to happen. If you could take that type of system, with several tweaks mind you, I think you would have the best wrestling game EVER.

  5. Anonymous

    bring back 24/7 and gm mode and make nwe matches like 10 elimination tag team match

  6. Anonymous

    RTWM is really good… but VERY short. Why can’t they make it longer?

  7. ark noir

    gameplay of ‘smackdown shut your mouth’
    season mode of ‘smackdown know your role’ and smackdown 1
    and naming your finishers of smackdown 1

    that woul be ideal for me.

  8. letago

    Bring back the season mode of smackdown shut your mouth, and here comes the pain. This two games were the best WWE games i ever played.

  9. dxtaker

    2011 should bring back the aspects of gm mode with the match booking and the ratings but also have the story mode desiigner so you can make your own promos but also have a contest for who has the better show

  10. gowza450

    they should make created springboard finishers and back graple finishers and create a signature

  11. Doc

    create a non graple finisher like worm or peoples elbow & submissopn finischer.
    and more wrestlernames, i wish me a system with some smal words. The, a, man, show, stopper, rock, or somthing else and combine the words: The rockshow, a Stopperman …

  12. Anonymous

    bring back GM mode but fuse it with create a story mode so you can add cutscenes to your shows then when you go back to look past shows instead of just seeing the results you can also watch the show

  13. BG

    Comment #10 i agree with you in my opinion smackdown here comes the pain was the best wrestling game ive ever played… and ive played almost all of them

  14. Vickie Guerrero

    Excuse me! I said excuse me! I came here to tell you all that…excusme me…EXCUSME ME! I came here to tell you that smackdown 2011 should feature me! Its the game you’ll love to hate and bring in tons of money. Now for all of you…EXCUSE ME!?!?!?!?EXCUUUUUSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEEEEE MMMMEEEeeeeeeeEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeEE!

  15. TV's Frank

    The old Smackdown games sucked hard.
    Best wrestling game ever was No Mercy on N64, hands down.

  16. Anonymous

    they should do a mode where you can play exibition modes (or demo versions of exibition modes) from previous versions of the game

  17. o.o

    ok idk ur guys probs with the newer games but 2010 was awesome imo (in my opinion) the caw one was cool as hell but yea i do agree that its short as hell 😐 and they should i quit, last ride, ambulance, CASKET match (buried alive is dumb imo) punjabi prison and they should add STONE COLD it made no sense having the rock but not austin 😐 dont add bret hart i love kickin his ass and they should create a submission finisher i love submission moves 🙂 dotn bother addidng elimination chamber cuz its just not fun.. and u should definetly be able to throw them from the stage into production during ANY match they should also add eddie guerrero 😐 and no mercy on n64 was bad ass but too simple 😐 not sayin smdvsraw is any harder but….still

  18. Anonymous

    Stone Cold was in 2010 but you had to pre-order the game to get him

  19. zach hall

    they should let you create your own championship
    enterence and bring back the old smackdown and old raw stage
    from wwf. also they should have but Eddie Gurrieo and chris
    benoit they need to bring tribyt to the troopes in the next
    one. last a better create enterence viedo.

  20. zach hall

    they should let you create your own championship
    enterence and bring back the old smackdown and old raw stage
    from wwf. also they should have but Eddie Gurrieo and chris
    benoit they need to bring tribute to the troopes in the next
    one. last a better create enterence viedo.

  21. josh tabish

    they need to get the rosters right have every person from each roster even if they injured im getting tired of creating half the roster and make the elimination chamber match able to defend championships and legends and lita she is hot and better soundtrack and be able to use the soundtrack songs as caw entrence themes svr2010 was ok but it needed some more work.

  22. WWEFan

    I say they should take every smackdown game and just roll them all into one like all the best tihngs about the games and have old arenas from WCW and ECW plus old WWE arenas plus have old time wrestlers and have more downloadable content

  23. Brad

    I think they should bring back gm mode,but make it so you can have superstars face titleholders from other shows at payperviews and be able to have the titles switch shows or the susperstars when they win the other shows title and make it so you can have number one contender matches and setup the pay per view weeks before it happens leading up to it.

  24. Brad

    I also think they should bring back create a championship and let the created belts be defended in gm mode.

  25. nv3

    I think they should put all wwe/wwf superstars of all-time & call it the ultimate smackdown vs raw video game!!!!!!!

  26. NXT fan

    i think they should make a NXT mode were you have to make (or choose) 8 caws and have an NXT storymode thq you should be listing

  27. Don Winslow

    1. I want to see the championship entrances gone. It’s a pain when my CAWs don’t get their created entrances when they have titles.

    2. 86 the diva restrictions. They can’t wrestle the superstars, but they can toss each other off the cell? Which one is more painful?

    3. I really want to be able to completely edit the entrances, moves, attributes, and abilities of all the downloadable CAWs from the community creations. However, I don’t think we should be able to edit their appearances, or upload them once they’be been downloaded. If we download a Randy Savage CAW, we should be able to use his own entrance theme music, as well as give him the moves to go with it.

    4. I’d like to see more tag team entrances, and have the ability to customize them with fireworks, taunts, lighting, etc.

    5. I’d like to see some improved animation when the wrestlers are doing something as simple as walking inside the ring. They often still walk like they’re severely constipated.

    6. I don’t know if any of you have any issues with the load time when changing participants on the Royal Rumble, but I sure do on my PS3.

    7. There needs to be some improvement on the lag for online matches.

    8. I’d like to be able to view a CAW’s attributes and finishers before I download.

    9. I don’t think we should be able to rate our own CAWs on the community creations. That gets frustrating for some people who search for CAWs under the “highest rated” option, only to be sorely disappointed by a 5 star CAW that’s only been reviewed by the creator.

    10. I’d like to have the in-the-crowd area back. I don’t know why it was taken out.

    11. I’d also like to be able to create my own crowd signs for my CAWs.

    12. I’d love to see downloadable paint tool data. There are some extremely talented creators in this area. Isn’t that the whole point of community sharing anyway? We shouldn’t be able to upload any downloaded content in any shape, form, or fashion. That’s just out of respect for the work the CAW creators put into their designs.

  28. Tavon Barnwell

    I think that when we win, then we should hear the exit themes.(the shorter themes).

  29. cory scott

    i want season mode like it used to be like here comes pain

  30. abuyo

    i think that gm mode should be back but allows u 2 create ur own roster and name it. i also think u should be able 2 create an arena/ppv. it would be cool but hard 2 create ur own match. also there should be at least 10 spots for creating a stable. like dx back in the day. and large stables should be able 2 come out with u in entraces for exhibition and 24/7 mode.

  31. Kepo87

    I Agree with most of the comments about bringing back the here comes the pain season for 2011 however the roster edit from it should let you move the champions between the shows to fit the new draft system. Also instead of having the point system from hctp it should just be a ranking system as after a while the points got lower and ended up there was no contenders for the title it was just random. the diva’s stuff should be changed back to being able to compete in any match. the exibition title matches should have the choice of defending more than one title if your character has two e.g unified tag titles instead of always having to defend them seperate, also a victory counter for titles like in hctp’s season cause otherwise lets face it whats the point of defending and winning the titles without a record of the achievments. the only other ting i’d change would be the titles themselves, a mean come on the wwe title looks massive on most superstars but for some reason its tiny in the games, they should be put in proportion like they did for the superstars.



  33. Darius Johnson


  34. Will

    I agree with a lot of what has been posted, the main points to focus on in the next game should be: 1)the Divas should be able to wrestle against the male superstars. 2)when you create a manager or use a Diva, they should be able to come down to ring side for every match, if not in story mode defitinaly in career mode. 3)There should be a “create your own entrance name, or at least more choices like in comment #17. 4)With as advanced the games have come along, they should be able to fit in all the wrestlers and match types from each show. 5)You should be able to get in the backroom brawls areas from any match type that lets you get in & out of the ring and/or has no ring out time limit. 6)And 2011 needs a longer more complex story mode, one that offers you more choices to be made to advance the story and with each choice thats made changes the story path, so you can play more then a few times without it repeating. 7)(My 7 has to do with my 2&6 … In every story mode they always have your wrestler hooking up with a Diva, but its short lived, she only comes to ringside once and then after 2 matches shes out of the story, this should be apart of the story for at least 1/3 of story mode, and all of career mode…
    Well thats it, these are a few points that have always bothered me for the past few years.

  35. Matt

    I would like to see again if a superstar going to the ring with a manager or tag team partner, they use the Stable entrance, like they did in smackdown vs raw 2007. GM Mode was very fun and endless. They should put old divas’ in the game. Like Ivory, Sable, Chyna, Jacqueline, Lita, maybe even Stephanie Mcmahon. Also the divas should have their own matches like bra and matches, pillow fight match, which by the way, should be open for the create-a-diva too, unlike Smackdown: here comes the pain. A season mode for the Create-a-superstar and create-a-diva should be on the game too. Not just road to wrestlemania. Just a generic one year season mode where depending on what you choose to say, changes the course of the story.

  36. Trystan

    Pleasse bring back GM Mode
    and bring back full year season mode like here comes the pain but with voice overs.

  37. Matthew

    I think they should have all the NXT superstars in Smackdown v.s. Raw 2011 because they are new to the wwe and I think they should be treated just like the wreslers on Smackdown and Raw.

  38. Matthew

    I think they should make a NXT championship in Smackdown vs Raw 2011.

  39. Don Winslow

    1. The rating system for the community creations (on the PS3 at least) is a pain. I’ve seen many CAW creators who have got sometimes up to three pages worth of 5 star ratings, and as soon as they get a rating that’s less than that, their overall rating drops. It makes no sense. I’d like to be able to rate by the most downloaded. There are too many internet trolls with the maturity of a door knob who like to rate CAWs with one star, and then make some idiotic comment. I’ve had to upload a few CAWs twice, because of some troll acting like an idiot, and that happens to a lot of CAW creators. I don’t know how this problem could be addressed, though.

    2. I want to be able to edit downloaded CAWS in everything but their appearance. We shouldn’t be able to upload any downloaded content as our own, though. If I download a Randy Savage CAW, I don’t want him coming out to any other entrance theme than his own. It’s not being uploaded, so there shouldn’t be any issues. YouTube is quick to remove copyrighted music on CAWs, and they have every right to. However, I want to be able to put their themes on for use on just my game, and not for uploads to YouTube. Batman rolling out to BISCUITS AND GRAVY just doesn’t cut it.

    3. I’d like to see some customization with more variety in stable entrances for tag teams, as well as for the divas.

    4. No restrictions on the divas…..period.

    5. I would love to see CREATE A TAG TEAM FINISHER. That could be so much fun. I understand that not all of our suggestions are even remotely possible with less than a year until the next game, but some of the most common suggestions are very plausible, I think.

    6. I’d like to see some of the legends back….especially Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat, Rocky Johnson, and Randy “Macho Man” Savage.

    7. An ambulance match would be cool.

    8. I’d like to see even more layer possibilities for the CAWS. The X-Box 360 has many more than on my PS3. Creating CAWs is one of my personal favorite parts of the series, and has kept me coming back for each of the games in the stores.

    9. I absolutely LOVE the paint tool. I’m sure more is in the works for that. It gives CAW creators so much more freedom to create great looking CAWs. I would love downloadable pain tool data for the next game. That would be really awesome.

    10. I would like to see Hell in a Cell go through some major overhaul. The Royal Rumble took some great strides from the previous three games. I hated the Royal Rumble from 07 through 09. The 06 wasn’t half bad. I have more fun with this year’s Royal Rumble, so I applaud the improvements.

    11. I love the idea of having superstars interfere in a match, but it’s a royal pain to avoid them, and they can sometimes just stand around looking stupid until they do a finisher on you, and go away. If I try to take them on, I end up diving in some other direction trying to get hold of them. I often have the interference mode turned off.

    Thank you for the consideration if any of the SVR creators read these message boards. I’m looking forward to SVR 2011.

    12. I’d like to see more outfits for the CAWs for both genders. For some reason, the proportions for the diva CAWs in SVR 2010 look horendous. It’s a pain trying to get the divas to look halfway decent this year, as far as making their bodies proportionate. Mine turned out much better in SVR 09.

    13. The color picker in SVR 2010 is really off. It’s tough to get colors to match up a lot when the chart’s coloring system feels like it was put together by color blind people.

    14. I also think we should be able to subscribe to CAW creators, like we can on YouTube. I’ve seen some brilliant creations, but weeding through a lot of CAWs to find the really good ones can be tedious at times.

    Overall, I love this game, but I want it to be more our world with some aspects of the next game. Creating CAWs is really fun for so many of us, so let’s work on more in that area, if you can.

  40. Chris

    If you want the game to be realistic then rtw road to wrestlemania cant be longer in real life rtw starts at the royal rumble they already extended it to include all of january, and hornswoggle would be an awesome addition to the game as a playable character, maybe as a rtw storyline for chavo, you know like a rtw that isnt some really big name star, go do the mid card level make it something that you want to see but never get too

  41. reid6190

    hello i think they should have a mode were u could go to tna and vs them in their matchs like ultimate x and 6 sides of steel and u could tna as well it should be called tna vs wwe mode wat do us think

  42. Bryan Maxwell

    I want to see what this game is like I bet it is awesome.

  43. Bryan Maxwell

    here I am again I hope it has a lot of legends cheat codes and match making and a lot of other stuff from back in The First Game of smackdown vs raw.

  44. Bryan Maxwell


  45. Bryan Maxwell

    make smackdown vs raw 2011 with to make a lot of your own moves.

  46. Andy

    DONT BE NAIVE GUYS. THEY WILL GIVE US SAME PRODUCT LIKE EVERY YEAR. WITH NEW USELESS FEATURES. Year after year we shout out about things we want in game and we not have it.

    They didnt even changed a funny wwe title toy look since 2 years (or more) don’t say guys you expect them make all of those things you writing here.

  47. Ashley

    Maybe some diva things would actually be good. Allow them to fight guys because finding a match now in 2010 is just horrible. Also, the reversal system from the old games would be a lot better. And divas can do the same things guys can do. They should be allowed in every type of match. And also, the whole cloth and designs… you know, we’d like to place stuff over certain areas, if you catch my drift.

  48. william buckler


  49. Yung Lo

    TNA vs WWE would be just awesome…. but I would like to see the Dudley Boyz and Too Cool. Some of the alliance to, it wouldnt hurt to make this game enjoyable. have over 100 characters for a variety

  50. cypressboyz1

    i think n64 had the best wrestling games nwo vs wcw & wwf no mercy, bought all the elements a fan wanted, like challenging multiple characters in quest to unlock new characters after winning championship gold. 1 character with three different outfits for instance(classic undertaker,american bad ass and recent undertaker)not 3 different undertakers taking up 2 slots that could’ve been used by other current talent.2010 wasn’t all bad though, downloadable characters were great but gets dry as soon as you learn that you can only use 10 characters in story mode and not being able to edit the character you downloaded. and what the hell was the red and green dummies about. how come there was no million dollar belt, no nwo belt and no option to create belts. thq is giving us better graphics with less content. Thq has a lot to work on. what they need is a die hard fan that has played wrestling games since they were introduced by LJN ltd.

  51. Melissa

    I wish there would be more drama with relation ships and I wish you can pick more superstars to play on the series of going to wrestlmania. When you pick your superstar for the series that there are different stories for each superstar. I also wish that your able to give the superstars different clothing for the created stars and the WWE superstar, like triple h and every other one. If someone want to play the same person there should be a different scenes for the series. The created people should have better scenes and more of other things. Make more interesting scenes that people would want to play the wwe game more and make it look like the wrestling on tv. the superstars look like the superstars on tv. The supersars should be able to get a chance at some of the titles in the series and the series of the scenes and matches should be longer as in more stories and matches. DX should still be on wrestling to play on the series.

  52. Krew

    i think u should be able to create tna superstars and put that in wcw on wwe smackdown v.s. raw 2011 or already have them on there and just creat there music. i think u should have career mode bc it is alot better. i would add all of the wwe legends include of hulk hogan kevin nash sean waltman scott hall scott steiner and bill goldberg. i wolud put rvd, jeff hardy, mick foley, jeff jerrett and the macho man in the game just bc they can help the game become better then ever. yall need to have triple h and randy orton againts ted diesease, cody rodes, and shemus. most of them all u should have the undertaker againts shawn michaels. yall should put ric flair, sting, a-jay styles, sumon joe, the america dream dustin rodes, the nasty boys, team 3-d n alot of other wrestlers that are legends or wrestlers that we never seen on the game peiord.

  53. Anonymous

    i think they should have more legends to beable to unlock and to bring gm mode back.Another thing that should be put in the next game is Create A Brand.By creating a brand you can compete with raw and smackdown have your own titles some unlockables one there and your created superstars.I think that would be so cool.Another thing on the games the divas should be able to bleed if the they can do ecw extreme rules matchs they should beable to bleed.But the number one thing they should have is create a brand having your own superstars own created belts make a name for the brand and enter the draft and beable to compete for ratings like way back when wcw was around.

  54. abcd

    they have to bring back wwf and put nxt rookies andwwe and tna and i want be able to creat a belt

  55. Meiudca

    I wish that the wrestlers still talk and not use the subtitles. Also on the the created scenes the superstars should talk not use subtitles and there should be more entertainment in the scenes that you picked on the seasons of the created part and wrestlmaina season.

  56. kep87

    how sad do you have to be to moan about a game you dont like on a forum for it full of folks that do like it, get a grip

  57. john cena

    να ειναι οτι το καλυτερο.

  58. Ace_Gamer_2K10

    you should be able to walk around the arena on your way to ur match

  59. Skyhi

    Man i want dat old Smackdown v.s. raw u kno where u can fight everywhere back stage and when there was an actually season n it was long cause road to wreslemania iz so whack n please make new matches like a 10 man tag elimination match or a tornado 6 man tag match or a punjami prision match or a hardcore time limit match where u can go any where.Also make it so more extrme like on da old ones you could like do everything with the ladder n not glitch up 2011 needs 2 be way betta than 2010 WE WANT DA OLD WRESTLING GAMEPLAY BACK

  60. ashley

    i personally think that instead of just being able to unlock legend superstars, they feature legend divas as well like sable, trish stratus, etc. i also really hope that they bring back the divas rtw nd i hope it feature either michelle mccool or the glamazon!!!

  61. Smuck

    The behind the scenes stuff could be better. Actually have someone interrupt a match. I’d like to see the gm mode again along with the matches from previous games. It would create more fun.

  62. wes jones

    i think you should make the career mode jus like the rtwm and make it longer like if win or lose you should go on different paths. i also think you should start at the bottom of the ranks and work way up by winning all the belts including winning the tag team belts. I also think you should bring back the faction storyline by haveing dx, nwo, and evolution and you get to create your on faction and using them

  63. izaac

    u should make it longer and some hall of fame guys and have the hardcore belt and european belt nwo world heavy wight belt all old school belts old school is better

  64. sk8

    raw vs smack down 2010 sucked make this new one better and add jeff hardy even now he is with tna

  65. cody

    Put a Falls Count Anywhere match where u can actualy go back stage and in the parking lot and all that,also put a i quit match and improve the money in the bank and the elimination chamber matches
    Peace Out

  66. Nick

    I personally this people are having far to high expectations of what to expect. They simply cant fit everything into one game when they have to create for older systems like ps2. Falls count anywhere, create an arena, alumni section, and roster update are great ideas though. HCTP story mode is my favourite of all time.

  67. make smackdown vs raw better

    i think to make it better they should have gm mode back but mixed with the storyline. they should make road to wrestle mania way longer and they should better matches. they should have roster updates. for example in nba live 10 if any chances happen with the roster you can dna update and its how it is in real life. this if what i think they should do.

  68. Matthew young

    Damn allergies got me teary lol I loooooooove wrestling…and one day i will become a wrestler…its ben my dream sence I was 5 im 19 now

  69. movedmanc

    Some of these are probably just my pet hates when it comes to wrestling games but I’ll go through a few 🙂

    1. Better tattoos… I want to be able to give my CAW a proper sleeve without having to resort to god-awful tribal crap. The closest any game has come to this is Saints Row II.

    2. More arena access… You used to be able to throw people off the stage and/or go into the crowd. Can’t see why they took that away.

    3. Actual wrestling… I’d like it to be based on what we actually see (i.e no swinging the sledgehammer around like a baseball bat, that would kill someone). We are all aware that wrestling’s “fake” but yet still tune in to watch it, stop trying to make it something it’s not.

    4. Physical representation… stop making over muscled charactures of the wrestlers. If the wrestler doesn’t have a six-pack don’t give them one on the game.

    5. downloaded CAW… allow us to change downloaded CAWS. Stopping them from being copied & uploaded is fine. But what’s the point of people creating/uploading/downloading CAWs if they’re stuck with the basic entrances etc. Especially when the CAW is a legend or someone from TNA/UFC.

    6. more downloadables… Better access to what other people have created. If there’s something that the makers of SVR (THQ?) aren’t allowed to make then allow the general public to make it. This goes for logos, tattoos even items of clothing.

    7. unassociated moves… If someone has a move that is either preceded or followed by a taunt then either don’t include it in the move or create a seperate move with the taunt (this especially goes for moves by people like JTG, who’s taunts are quite obvious and don’t fit the ‘personality’ of most people’s CAWs.

    8. Champion Entrances… either get rid or allow us to edit them

  70. AARON

    i think they should bring back gm mode because it was very good in 06 and 07 but not in 08 so please thq listen to us and millons and millons of people because we are helping you with good ideas so this game whould be right for us

  71. aaron

    also have more superstars because we want gm mode to have a draft were you can least have 30 superstars and more matches then try to help ecw if it is and the game cause since 08 ecw had only 8 or 10 stars and more stars in the money in the bank match because if you dont its going to be very lame

  72. Don Winslow

    Downloadable CAWs: We should be able to edit them (moves, abilities, entrance, etc.)….just not copy them, or upload them as our own.

    The rating system on the community creations: The “highest rated” category is a pain, because some CAW creators will rate all their own characters with 5 stars, which can be a bit disappointing considering all the lag time in between viewing CAWs. Also, it’s frustrating to see people who brilliant CAWs, with four or five pages of nothing but 5 star ratings, and then one four star rating changes their overall to 4 stars. There are so many of the idiotic one-star trolls lurking around that also just love to lower the ratings on CAWs for kicks. A five star CAW will instantly become a 2 star CAW with one single 1 star rating by some idiot trying to be funny. That’s very annoying. I’d like to see a “most downloaded” category. A single one star rating should not wipe out the entire overall. Also, I think we should be able to subscribe to individual CAW makers rather than requesting them as friends, which can be tedious waiting for a reply.

    Diva restrictions: I’m not a big fan of that, personally.
    Look at Chyna, for instance. She wrestled the regular superstars, so why not a diva CAW? Someone posted that the divas should be able to bleed. Uhhhh…….no. That’s just not right. You have to draw the line somewhere.

    The championship entrances should be axed all together, unless we have the option to edit them.

    What happened to the in-the-crowd area? It was a lot of fun.

    The Diva CAW templates: Some of them are atrocious. Nuff said.

    I’m loving the paint tool, and looking forward to seeing it develop in SVR 2011.

  73. garret louttit

    bring back gm mode and make it able to play online

  74. Wingman

    Put in these roads to wrestlemanias Dx co-op mode as one Road to Wrestlemania

  75. Jack

    I agree with RKO bring back the create your own championship feature its so much fun and so realistic plus not to be selfishh but please make the belts fit 2011 because in 2010 some fit and some looked huge

  76. jack

    Also if you can make the table not disapper so its so much realistic and to me i reakon don’t put the training facility in 2011 but thats just me

  77. jack

    One more thing guys i suggest put triple h on the game cover because when i saw 2007 with triple h’s pose it looked like a very attractive game to play and it was. And please anyone tell me if my ideas are good or not its my first time commenting thanx

  78. HHH

    Hey THQ i really think u should make the game cover blue and red again like in the 1st one with vince mchmon or the 2007 one which was a great one with triple h

  79. HHH

    And you should make the wwe championship belt spin again cause it didn’t spin in 2010. And i think instead of it’s your world now or don’t just watch it live it which were very good maybe make this one all about the belts with the create your own belt thing and the catch fraze should be something like Your the champion now!!! or Your the king of kings.

  80. Frany

    I really do hope you can put in the wrestlemania 26 stage because it’s so big and nice. And make the crowd at wrestlemania bigger because that would be so much relistic and make u feel like ur peforming in front of a big crowd (unlike tna who have about 900 fans in their
    arena LOL). Just one more thing please please make a taller ladder for money in the bank like wwe do every wrestlemania money in the bank which reminds me I heard wwe is making a money in the bank paper view so maybe u can update the paper views
    because half the ones in svr 10 don’t even exist anymore so maybe put extreame rules paper view and the new ones

  81. Svr 2010

    I really loved svr 2010 I don’t know why eveyone is saying it’s crap maybe a couple of things but it’s good from that. Thq I think everyone is saying too much. Hhh and Jack are both right because it’s not to much things to much things like everyone else but I just wanted to say something I’ve always wanted to add put a fireworks feature were you can create your own fireworks like crazy. Thanks please think about it would let kids such as my little brother who is 14 have so much and real entertaniment

  82. Don Winslow

    Yes! I would love to be able to create our own fireworks in our entrances, as well as for championship entrances. I would like to see some improvements in tag team and stable entrances, for both divas and the superstars.

    I would like to see more done with the crowd. The UFC game has some excellent crowd detail. It would be a great way to incorporate the in-the-crowd area again. It was a nice addition that I found to be disappointing to see go.

  83. Svr 2010

    Thanks don wislow. But don’t you think they should make the titles fit again because if you realized in svr 2010 some fit on some superstars like dolph ziggler but some like triple h and Batista wouldn’t, fit so don’t t u think they should make them fit?

  84. Don Winslow

    To: Svr 2010

    Yes, I definitely agree with you about the title belts. Sometimes, they look way too big.

  85. Svr 2010

    Thanks don maybe one more thing do you think they should improve the hell in a cell? Not to say it’s bad or anything but do you think they should put somesort of feature when your on top of the cell like for e.g. a cell finsher when you peform your finisher you can do it off the cell? Thanks again don p.s how old are you? Just wondering

  86. Svr 2010

    Thanks don maybe one more thing do you think they should improve the hell in a cell? Not to say it’s bad or anything but do you think they should put somesort of feature when your on top of the cell like for e.g. a cell finsher when you peform your finisher you can do it off the cell? Thanks again don p.s how old are you? Just wondering

  87. john

    thq please make the game smackdown vs raw 2011 the best game, you can do this by making it where if you beat an oppent up bad enough they will have to get a cas. and make the game rated m with lots of blood and lots of clothes to choose from. but keep the game a little like svr 2010 whee you can make 3 costumes and choos from them. also have more matches like street fight, i quit match, etc. and can you please make it where you can make a tag team finsher, a ground finsher, a top rope finsher, and a standing finsher, and a cell finsher where you can do a finsher off of the cell also please add wwe legends (superstars and divas) also can you please makeit where you can creat anything and eveything you wont to like a show, and creat fireworks like crazy, and can you please make it where you can attack an oppent when he is walking down the ramp or before the maatch starts. And PLEASE DO WHAT I ASKED I KNOW YOU HAVE THE POWER THQ

  88. Don Winslow

    To Svr 2010:

    I do think the cell should be bigger, and I would love to see cell finishers. I like your suggestion of the option to replace the ropes with barbed wire. That would be awesome. I would also like to be able to create tag team finishers, like john suggested in the last comment before mine. I’m 39 by the way. I’d also like to see some legends in the game, like Ricky Steamboat, Randy Savage, Rocky Johnson, and Sting, etc. As far as the downloaded CAWs, we should be able to fully edit their entrances, moves, and abilities. We shouldn’t be able to upload them to the community creations as our own, however. That’s just a given. I never download legend superstar CAWs from the community creations, no matter how good they look, simply because I can’t edit their entrances, abilities, and moves. Having Randy Savage come out to Festus’ theme music just seems wrong. I can see it now. Miss Elizabeth walks out with him to Biscuits and Gravy.

  89. Unknown

    i wish they would still put jeff hardy on the game even thoe hes not there anymore.

  90. Unknown172

    They should totally put the drama of Mr.Mcmahon and Bret Hart on there that would be so cool!

  91. Ftank722

    Please bring back GM mode and make story mode longer. Also legends please bring them back in a big way. Think it would be great to see Macho Man back in a game. OOOOHHHH YEAH!

  92. arjun

    please make proper stories in story mode and not championship paths. also bring back gm mode

  93. Janelle

    I have some comments about improving the divas, CAWS, and the general game. I never have a complaint about the male superstars because I tend to like the selection. I do hope Tyson Kidd, Zack Ryder, and David Smith are on this game. Hornswoggle would be fun as a playable character as well. I do understand about space, but adding more divas to the game would be ideal for me.

    I would like to see Alicia Fox, Jillian Hall, the Bella Twins, Gail Kim, Eve, Maryse, Melina, and Natalya to the Raw brand.

    I think Rosa Mendes, Tiffany, Layla, Michelle, Beth Phoenix, and Serena would be good for the Smackdown brand.

    I also think we should be able to play as Vickie Guerrero too, since she has wrestled. Bring back Stephanie, Shane, and Vince as unlockable characters. I miss playing as Stephanie.

    I don’t have a big complaint about the male CAWS because we have several options for them, but the women’s attire options tends to be limited. I would just like more options for the female CAWS.

    With Beth Phoenix being in the royal rumble this year, I feel we should be able to have divas in the rumble again. If we wanted to have a 10 diva rumble, we should be able to do that as well. I think divas should be involved in 6-diva tag and battle royal matches. Basically no diva restrictions.

    More entrance options–regular and championship entrances.

  94. ryan, svr fan

    2011 should defo have a NXT mode, where all the rookie wrestlers are in the game, the mode can be a tornament, were you pick one of the rookies to play as and play and every week you get ranked and who ever is in it the longest wins and joins one of the wwe’s rousters!

  95. ryan, svr fan

    i have another request for svr 2011, bring back guest reffree! i love playing as the reffree,
    or have a reffree carrer mode! were your the reffree from the start of the year all the way till wrestlemainia!

  96. ryan, svr fan

    i love the idea off having gm mode and create an arena.
    but your going to love my idea(this is my 3rd idea) when creating a superstar, you shouldnt have to start from scratch! let us use a superstar as a template so we can slightly change thier look, and if you create a super star and make him a cruiserweight, have him jump up on the top turnbuckle as fast as ray does in svr 2010. and let us change the superstars atire e.g. put undertakers outfit on edge or put a chicken suit on kane? and put hornswaggle in the game and let us be allowed to use him in a fight against any of the other superstars.

  97. tristen briggs

    put a stretcher match on it and a ambulience match and put hornswaggle as a playable character

  98. tristen briggs

    the case looks cool it is cool that nxt is going to be on there put gm mode on there and 24/7 mode put the legends on there put the new ppvs and i still say hornswaggle would be cool to have on there

  99. tristen briggs

    put gm mode 24/7 mode and put nxt arena on there put the new ppvs on there

  100. tristen briggs

    make it to where you can create your owne ppv and create your owne arena
    create your owne brand
    create your owne weapon

  101. tristen briggs

    make it to where you can interact with people and wrestlers and go any where you whant to and talk to every body and then you just have to prees star tand hurt some body so bad thay have to stop the match sand bring the amblience out to put them on a stretcher

  102. tristen briggs

    make it to where when you win the royal rumble hot girls come out to celibrate with you

  103. tristen briggs

    make it to where when you win the royal rumble match hot girls come out to celibrate with you

  104. tristen briggs

    please do what isay i know you can do it thq

  105. Jordan

    Half of theses things havent been done aleready because of memory on xbox/ps3. but one thing that needs to be done is stop focusing on certain gamplay points, like tag team (2009) or Created Features (2010) and improve overall gameplay. and please, has no one ever thaught about advanced tag team entrances? or bringing back the fight in the crowd thing, but the one fro either an old sackdown game of legends of wrestling 2 not the crappy one from 2007. Realistic coents people

  106. Trannon Cheek

    Can I join WWE SVR 2011 as my cast? I have better idea for my Road to Wrestlemania story. Please hire me. Trust me. Think about it, sir.

  107. ryan, svr fan

    make svr2011 a complete free roam game, were you can walk around backstage and talk to people and beg the gm for a title match or what ever crazy things you want to do! and you can walk into the arena, pick up a mic and challenge anyone to try and take you out! (with no loading screans!) if it is a bit short notice then pitch the idea for 2012 so you have more time to prefect it! and when u challenge someone from backstage, there mini entrance starts and they come running to the stage.

  108. ryan, svr fan

    i forgot one thing on my free roam idea, while your walking around back stage, one of the shows could be on(friday night smackdown, monday night raw or NXT) and we could walk out and interupt matches or join the commentry, or stand ringside. and also come out after a match and use the mic to challenge people backstage, or just take the piss out of you rivels by using ur superstars rivel list.

    also, have all the superstars alt atire from the past avaiable, e.g. kane and his outfit with the mask, and dont make us unlock them! just give them to us.

    more creative trophies, i have a few suggestions-

    win a handi cap match with 6 people in the match

    use your finisher on your oppent 10 times and win by KO or pinfall

    in a fatle four way, make all your oppents bleed

    have your oppent carried out in a stretcher

    hit your oppent during thier entrance (yea that reminds me, let us have controle of our super star wile our oppents are doing thier entrance and we can get the upperhand befour the match starts, and the commenters can argue weather or not that was a good move)

    win a match in under 3 mins

    i have other requests too,

    IF OUR SUPER STAR HAS WON MORE THAN ONE TITLE, LET HIM WEAR ALL OF THEM OUT INTO THE ARENA, u could have one around your waist, one over EACH sholder and one in EACH of your hands!! the fact that he only carried out one belt when i owned them all really annoyed me!

    if we have created a 5 man tag team, and we start a normal tag were only two of the members of the tag team are allowed to take part, you can still have ALL of them come out, and the ones that dont take part can stand ringside and when the ref isnt looking they can interfer with the match to tip the odds in your faver.

  109. adam B

    They should bring back some of the older superstars such as Brock Lesnar, Goldberg, RVD, The Rock, Stone cold steve astin. It would be a much better game then

  110. ryan, svr fan

    all right, your probly getting sick of me pitching ideas by now but there good ideas right?

    if you think so, do you think you could hire me?

    my email address is- ryanmcbrien@hotmail.com

    this is my interview idea as it were lol (dont worrie im not THAT UNfunny

    Have a match were your player comes in half way through a match and helps who ever you want!

    An elimination inferno match were three people can gang up and put someone out (4-6 players

    Let our created superstar enter with all his titles, not just one!!!

    tornado Tag, last team standing match

    have wrestlers brake thier bones

    abit of music or something for backstage brawls (they are so boring cause there so silent!

    Put vids of 2010’s wrestlemaina! And other ppv

    More exciting entrances for created superstars

    When slecting a ring, add the nxt arena so you can pretend your created superstar is a rookie

    Wrestlemaina should have more people in the crowd than the smackdown arena, and it could be an outdoor arena

    in create ur own arena mode, we choose what comentaters are present, colour of ropes, what weapons are under the ring, how big the crowd is(ranging from a Friday night smackdown/Monday night raw crowd to a wrestlemaina crowd, outdoor or indoor, chants that a crowd will chant (you tapped out or WHAT?) how long the ramp is, what sponsers are around the arena, the design of the apron skirt, guest superstar commenters,


  111. ryan, svr fan

    in create a move-set, let us pick what pin-fall is performed when we push the right stick down.

  112. sam

    dude your ideas are awesome if they dont hire you then there are some really stupid guys in thq AND wwe manegment

  113. Lee

    Each Smackdown game has something good about it

    Smackdown!Shut Your Mouth: The Backstage Areas

    Smackdown!Here Comes The Pain:
    Goldberg and The Season Mode

    Smackdown! Vs Raw:
    PPV Mode, Shopzone and The Soundtrack

    Smackdown! Vs Raw 2006:
    Title Matches in exibition Mode.

    Smackdown! Vs Raw 2007:
    An Updated GM Mode with Heat and Velocity and a much bettter Season Mode.

    Smackdown Vs Raw 2008:
    ECW Extreme Rules Match and another Updated GM mode and the soundtrack.

    Smackdown Vs Raw 2009:
    Soundtrack, Highlight Reel Mode and Road to Wrestlemania.

    Smackdown Vs Raw 2010:
    Updated RTWM, Superstar Threads, Community Creations.

    However i think Story Designer is 1 of the worst modes in the Smackdown Series.
    People like doing storylines that THQ give us, not creating them. I want SvR 2011 to have GM Mode Return..or have it mixed together with Story Designer where u set the card. And after a show, u get messages from the announcers and all that.

  114. Oliver Robert Jones

    Hey there to all viewers who will read this. I think that we should just let the THQ team do there own things and add their own stuff to this game. And THQ if any in game creators read this form then im looking for a job. I have alot of graphics and computer skills. If you are intrested in ever looking to hire people i would be hounred but its your choice. Hope you produce a great game like you have been for years now all the best with the production of this game.

    If you would like to contact me then My E-mail is the following : olly-jo@live.co.uk

    look foward to earing some thing soon. 🙂

  115. tom best 159

    please add a way to make my superstars name am sick of
    THE SUPERSTAR at least make it so you have more than 6 superstars in the ring at least have 8 like just bring it

  116. Chris Whitley!

    In the TLC, Ladder & money in the bank Matches you need to have different size ladders! In real life there is always one 20 foot later! we need that!

  117. john morrison

    someone tell me how to win an inferno match for wii

  118. Sheenseendurl

    Thanks mate… just dropped by. Will look for BIKE STN when we get to Seattle. Still in Buenos Airies.

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