WWE Superstars By Age

By | 21 January 2010

Finlay – 51 (October 20th, 1958)
Undertaker – 44 (March 24th, 1965)
William Regal – 44 (May 10th, 1965)
Shawn Michaels – 44 (July 22nd, 1965)
Goldust – 43 (April 11th, 1966)
Kane – 42 (April 26th, 1967)
Kung Fu Naki – 41 (August 24th, 1968)
Batista – 41 (January 18th, 1969)
Triple H – 40 (July 27th, 1969)
Chavo Guerrero – 39 (October 20th, 1970)
Chris Jericho – 39 (November 9th, 1970)
Mark Henry – 38 (June 12th, 1971)
R-Truth – 38 (January 19th, 1972)
Big Show – 37 (February 8th, 1972)
Charlie Haas – 37 (March 27th, 1972)
Vladimir Kozlov – 37 (April 27th, 1972)
The Great Khali – 37 (August 27th, 1972)
MVP – 36 (October 28th, 1973)
Edge – 36 (October 30th, 1973)
Christian – 36 (November 30th, 1973)
The Hurricane – 35 (July 12th, 1974)
Matt Hardy – 35 (September 23rd, 1974)
Rey Mysterio – 35 (December 11th, 1974)
Shelton Benjamin – 34 (July 9th, 1975)
Gail Kim – 33 (February 20th, 1976)
Vance Archer – 32 (February 28th, 1977)
John Cena – 32 (April 23rd, 1977)
Yoshi Tatsu – 32 (July 1st, 1977)
Abraham Washington – 32 (1977, can't find his exact birthdate anywhere)
Sheamus – 31 (January 28th, 1978)
Ezekiel Jackson – 31 (April 22nd, 1978)
Layla – 31 (June 25th, 1978)
Mike Knox – 31 (July 17th, 1978)
CM Punk – 31 (October 26th, 1978)
Tyler Reks – 31 (November 1st, 1978)
Carlito – 30 (February 21st, 1979)
Melina – 30 (March 9th, 1979)
Santino Marella – 30 (March 14th, 1979)
Slam Master J – 30 (March 23rd, 1979)
Mickie James – 30 (August 31st, 1979)
John Morrison – 30 (October 3rd, 1979)
Rosa Mendes – 30 (October 25th, 1979)
Michelle McCool – 29 (January 25th, 1980)
Randy Orton – 29 (April 1st, 1980)
Caylen Croft – 29 (May 2nd, 1980)
Tyson Kidd – 29 (July 11th, 1980)
Dolph Ziggler – 29 (July 27th, 1980)
Jillian – 29 (September 6th, 1980)
The Miz – 29 (October 8th, 1980)
Katie Lea Burchill – 29 (November 10th, 1980)
Beth Phoenix – 29 (November 24th, 1980)
Shad – 29 (January 13th, 1981)
Jimmy Wang Yang – 28 (May 13th, 1981)
Kofi Kingston – 28 (August 14th, 1981)
Maria – 27 (February 25th, 1982)
Jack Swagger – 27 (March 24th, 1982)
Natalya – 27 (May 27th, 1982)
Ted DiBiase – 27 (November 8th, 1982)
Primo – 27 (December 21st, 1982)
Chris Masters – 27 (January 8th, 1983)
Maryse – 26 (January 21st, 1983)
Evan Bourne – 26 (March 19th, 1983)
The Bella Twins (Brie & Nikki) – 26 (November 21st, 1983)
Luke Gallows – 26 (December 22nd, 1983)
Eve – 25 (August 21st, 1984)
JTG – 25 (December 10th, 1984)
Zack Ryder – 24 (May 14th, 1985)
Drew McIntyre – 24 (June 6th, 1985)
Cody Rhodes – 24 (June 30th, 1985)
Tiffany – 24 (December 28th, 1985)
Hornswoggle – 23 (May 29th, 1986)
Alicia Fox – 23 (June 30th, 1986)
David Hart Smith – 23 (August 2nd, 1986)
Kelly Kelly – 23 (January 15th, 1987)
Trent Barreta – 22 (March 30th, 1987)


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119 thoughts on “WWE Superstars By Age

  1. Sommerlund

    This isn’t news in my opinion.
    And Zack Ryder’s still so young… And he’s still getting better. Woo woo woo, you know it.

  2. it's me (again)

    I knew there was a reason I loved Beth Phoenix so much … we both share the same birth date …

  3. jonny nowhere

    I read stuff like this and start to realise that I may never be a professional wrestler

  4. Rodrigo "Crippler" Munoz

    look. what a coincidence. the bella twins look exactly like each other and they were born on the same day!

  5. bartvd

    @comment 6, and i share my birthday with the hurricane, to bad he is one of the biggest jokes in wwe

  6. name

    all their top guys r over 40 and will retire pretty much around the same time

  7. Mr. Hue

    Whoa! What an age bracket!

    I didn’t know Finlay was the oldest.

  8. Zullo

    i share my bday with no one 🙁
    but at least mark henry’s the closest

  9. Ben Malacam

    Yeah this is a little inacurate, batista is older then 41, he’s closer to 50 if I’m not mistaken.

  10. Vinny

    WOW its hard to believe how old some of these guys are. I am 24 and out of shape and some of my favorite wrestlers are almost 30 or 40! It is crazy to see how old they really are… I always picture them as young guys.. good post..

  11. Rowdy D

    I read this and realized that a generation I grew up on is old and gonna disappear.

  12. Sim

    Before calling my news ill-informed, make sure you’re not spewing nonsense yourself. Dave Batista was born Jan 18, 1969, thus celebrating his 41st birthday a couple days ago. Ted Jr. was born November 8th, 1982, and he celebrated his 27th birthday just a couple months ago. Thanks for making dumbasses out of yourselves.

  13. KnightMoves

    Does make one wonder why more of the younger guys aren’t getting pushed

  14. Wink

    My birthday is one day before Shad’s birthday woot…nice article

  15. Ultimate X

    Luke Gallows, aka Fesuts, is only 26. He’s younger than Shelton Benjamin (who I can’t believe is 34, by the way), CM Punk, Tyson Kidd, Dolph Ziggler, The Miz, Swagger, Evan Bourne, and Chris Masters.

    Somebody tell me how 41-year old Kung Fu Naki… KUNG FU NAKI still has a job?

    And I have the same birthday as The Miz. Ha ha, we have the same birthday and we’re both awesome! 😀

  16. Rofl Kid

    my dad is only 3 days younger than goldust, i have the same birthday as natalya, and swoggles is 4 days before mine.

  17. Anonymous

    Isnt this kinda like CNN having a report that shows all the ages of their anchors? Like…No one really cares. Its certainly not news.

  18. Anonymous

    I was going to say this is a dumb post but now i don’t feel too old since I’m only a day older than Tyson Kidd. There are a lot of guys A LOT older than me. I still have time to be someone when I grow up.

  19. Trey Songz

    Heres the facts layed down: Undertaker is turning 50, I’m sure of that. Drew Gallows looks like a 50 year old lol. Chavo has to be almost 50 heres the reason why: He was an elite wrestler in the 70s!

  20. Trey Again

    And oh year, I share a birthday with Kelly Kelly, #49 and if your not down with that I have 2 words for you…

  21. XtremeGuy

    lol triple h and dolph ziggler both share their birthday at 27th july!Also Alicia Fox with Cody Rhodes and finlay with chavo guerrero!

  22. comment # 49

    comment # 53 how original, did you come up with that by yourself?

  23. Johnny

    SWEET i just saw the b days of tna anddd. MY B DAY IS 3 DAYS B4 RAVEN AND I HAVE THE SAME BIRTH MONTH AS THE FRIGGEN BLUEPRINT. SO PISS ME OFF THEN POP CARBON FOOTPRINT. Try telling that to your mother, with ending the convo with your mother say “I am gonna speak with this man’s mother”LMAO

  24. DC

    I share my birthday with Carlito and were both cool, and Im 4 days b4 Maria :D, 1 after Gail Kim, 7 before Vance Archer, 13 before Big Show, thats AWESOME (especially Maria shes smokin HOT)

  25. aethaetgetagatehteregdgerg


  26. eid alsaqer

    i share my birthday with the bella twins <3 hot i should date them

  27. ray

    I share my b-day with hhh!!!!! and dolphin ziggler booooooooooooo!!!

  28. wooooooooooo

    kelly kelly for your birthday i will rub yoor feet

  29. Natalie

    Randy Orton Is So Sexy & My Birthday Is One Day After Him! Hahahahahahaha! Bye .

  30. José Pièrre

    Sam of you are so stupid and idiotic as to question the reason behind this post. U shud care to no how old they are and how the stunts toll on thier bodies

  31. Aakash

    Viper is the best,john cena,undertaker,hhh,scsa,rock are also good

  32. Ida McCoy

    the guys that I thought were old,turned out to be young.I know it’s true,Ifind it hard to believe thatLuke Gallows ‘Festus’is only26 years old. I HAVE REALLY ENJOYED LEARNING the ages of the wrestlers.

  33. scottie

    What there’s no kaitlyn I can’t find john cena the champ is here!!!

  34. P.K.Fakrudeen

    Iam in Madurai,Tamilnadu,India my language is tamil i love wwe wwe is my favorite and my favorite fan is The wwe champion John cena

  35. Monu dabas

    Yes my birthday is the same date wid maryse
    She is damn too hot
    21st january

  36. aman sinha

    I’m sharing my birthday with no one but with Mark Henery and Drew Mycantry the closest

  37. lynn

    Taffiy is before my birthday but she is the same birthday of my cousin I love her she and kelly kelly and natilie I love alot.Tanks

  38. link wheel

    A big thank you for your article.Thanks Again.

  39. Akil

    Woohoo I share my bday with Kelly Kelly she’s so pretty

  40. mgdaman

    i dont know about commet 19 randys the best he should punt u or give u a rko

  41. bongani

    Eish 2 more days for me and kofi kingston to share a sameday me on 12 august and him on the 14 august wow but we same goal

  42. Jackson

    The dead man is the best guy in wwe😄😄😄

  43. chrisfee jayzale

    i share ma b day with all april superstars woohoo!(especially to john cena)

  44. Autumn Carothers

    Tyler and I have the same birthday November 1

  45. thomas miller

    How i can’t bleve that some superstars that are born 1980s wow that awsome

  46. shahzaib naeem

    Roman reigns is my favourite superstar and i am a big fan of roman reigns because he is very brave and he is not a poltroon like randy, seth rollin and hhh

  47. champ is here

    John cena looks like a 25-30 but he is not its best way to realise about age here primo is near about me I 18 he 21 December

  48. Rohit attri

    Date of birthday of johncena and me is same woooowww


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